We are in a world full of wonders. Everyday of ours is filled with various facts and information that we’ve never heard of.

The images below are of such kind and they rejoice the world in many different ways.



Certainly most of the flights you prefer to be out of cold, so it is able to go as soon as possible, yet you are not to miss out the sights of this kind: Japan’s Mount Fuji, is on the clear cut of its path through clouds.



The picture above is a perfect exposure of fireflies or lightning bugs. Their flash of light is identically momentary, yet they are to hang around when they are lit up as this picture shows.



More than arranging designated walking paths around the Ohio campus, the university prefers its students to tell where they hang around. When the required number of students are reached, the university covers these paths.



This was captured at Germany’s Konigstein Castle, and if you observe the bottom right of the picture you can get a clear idea of the measurement of man against the walls of the castle. Let’s imagine scaling those walls in an invasion. Yes indeed! Best of luck with that.



Do you know that there are purple tomatoes? These tomatoes are identified as “Indigo Roses” by the uploader but seen that the flesh of them is redder than being purple.



When you have a shave with a razor vs. an electric shaver, you might notice a difference. When observed under magnification you can see the left is shaved with a razor but the right is shaved with an electric shaver.



This strange bat with a dog’s face is known as a Buettikofer’s epauletted fruit bat. This shows how likely it is to have a bite out of you.



A space flight from an incredible angle at 34,000 feet is extremely impressive. The center of the picture is the vehicle assembly building at Kennedy space center of NASA. The couple of structures down the road from it are launch pads.



You have to cross this place in Western Sahara. This is the longest conveyor belt of the world. It spreads upto 61 miles, from a phosphate mine in Morocco. This ends to the ocean at the other end.



The trend of constructing “castells” or human towers started as a feature of one of the cultural festivals in Catalonia back in the early 18th century. It has converted into a sport with championships by now. The ones in the top of the tower are usually small kids as they are small and not heavy. Of course, they wear helmets.



This flower was given its name due to a special reason and it is that this flower stinks up a stench that’s compared to rotting beef. But still the people gather around it in order to witness the opening and unleashing. This is a rare incident and it blooms only once every eight years and remains for about one day.



The tail check out marking was very much similar to a fingerprint. According to the observation, this particular whale prefers warmer waters beyond Mexico’s Pacific coast, since it was seen just outside the Baja on both instances.


If you need to withstand the icy waters of Lake Superior you can do so. Yet, if you feel warmth in addition to the normalcy level, you had to be more careful around this abandoned silver mine shaft closer to Thunder Bay in Ontario.