Women come from Venus while Men come from Mars. This is an old statement. But we can no longer agree with this saying. While men try to do things very easily, women want to make sure that they get the things more complex. A man is worried about several things, but a quick action of him makes him change his mood while on the other hand, women are always happy but they keep hanging on to things and then become worried . This is how we can categorize the differences between the two genders.

How do they get ready for work?

Both women and men behave in 2 different ways in 2 separate worlds when they get ready for work. The time they spend on getting ready and their way of functioning are in 2 extremes. 

Choosing outfits for different occasions

Men are always simple and they prefer to have one dress for every occasion, while women on the other hand plan a hub of  their outfits for each occasion.

How would they behave when they expect someone to come

When a girl’s crush texts and says that he would be coming in to meet her, girls get all worked up and done as soon as possible. But the boys would take it easier than girls and they are always excited about what would happen next.

Life mode after breaking up

This is one of the most different phases experienced in different ways by a man and a woman. Both girls and boys have the fear of how life would be after a break-up. But to their surprise, their life after break-up won’t be the same as they had imagined before.

How they check out the opposite gender

The way they look at opposite genders says a lot of unrevealed secrets of how they check out their crush. Girls keep her crush hidden as a secret while boys let the whole world get to know about it.

Way to make an impression

It is a hard course to impress a girl, thus it takes a lot of effort, time and luck as well if you wish to sweep her off her feet. When compared with girls, boys are simple and you’ll only need to follow some simple steps to impress them.

How to turn on?

Men need only one request or invitation to turn on while girls need a lot more to be done for them to get turned on.

Post hair styling

As seen there’s a clear difference between the hairstyles of the men and women. However, the final result of post hair styling even after spending such a lot of money on hair styles goes in 2 ways.

The way they select their shampoos

Women seek a detailed description of the shampoo, their conditioners, how it will affect them, how it would look for a special occasion. But men would be content if they know that the product which they are using is a shampoo.

What happens when you seldom visit the web?

It is a well known truth that the females or the fairer gender is more famous on social media when compared to men. Therefore, there’s a vast difference between the profiles of girls and boys when they seldom visit the web.