It is believed that the women come from Venus and the men come from Mars-This is an old saying and we cannot go beyond that. Men like to oversimplify things while women prefer to overcomplicate them. Men are worried about things but they are able to go for a sudden change in the mood. But women keep on thinking about the same repeatedly and become unhappy. We can sum up the differences between the male and female genders as above.

1. The way of getting ready to work.

The operational behaviour of men and women are of two different types but function together and at the same time they differ from each other. One would be puzzled at the way in which the coexistence of the two ecosystems.

2. Selection of clothes for different occasions.

Men prefer to be simple and like to have one attire for all seasons while women prefer to have carefully chosen attire for each and every occasion differently.

3. Their behaviour when they expect someone to come.

When a girl receives a text from her crush to tell her that he would visit her, she is getting ready with the whole effort, but when this happens to a boy he takes it casually and is full of excitement about what would happen later.

4. What happens post break up.

One of the major differences shown by men and women are the way in which they fear about their life after a break up, but surprisingly their imagination goes wrong.

5. The way they look at the opposite gender.

The aspect of looking at the opposite genders reveals a lot about the attitude of their crush. The girls keep it a secret while boys do not.

6. How to impress them.

Impressing a girl is not that easy. It happens with great effort, time and luck. On the other hand boys are simply different with a simple science which works out.

7. Tips to turn on!

If stated clearly, the boys needn’t be invited to turn on, but girls should get a lot of stuff with great effort to be turned on.

8. Post hair styling.

The men and women obviously use different hairstyles but the end of hair styling sessions are ones which are worth paying more attention to.

9. The way they choose their shampoos.

Women are more of the details of their shampoo, conditioner and the after look but for men it is just a shampoo.

10. What happens when you don’t visit the web.

According to the facts, the fairer gender is more famous on the social media platforms in comparison to the men, but the difference is noticeable.