We were searching for strange images that are available on the internet throughout days and finally we came across some pictures that cannot be real. You will surely think that the codes of the photos were cracked. But, the truth is that they are 100% real and not fake at all. These pictures will help you to rise and see how strange your surroundings are.

Scroll down to see 10 pics of places that seem to be fake but are totally real.

#1. Two Chinese fishermen.

Although this appears to be a realistic oil painting of two fishermen, this is the Lake Chaohu which is situated in China. The reason for this appearance of the particular lake is its high density of algae. Though the man’s paddle with a determined brush like appearance makes us feel this as false, it is not!

#2. An optical illusion.

Of course it looks like a balloon of grass that is totally flat. Anyhow, this design of optical illusion was created outside the Paris city hall. This only needs a little attention as you see how it was made.

#3. This black and white Santa.

The first glance at this picture shows a combination of two photos. But, actually it is not. The lady Santa who appears in black and white put on makeup and coloured her coat to have a black and white theme. Look at the neck for further clarifications since there is a pink spot where she rubbed in her makeup.

#4. This strange electric pole.

This stick of the entire light post was devastated due to a fire that took place in Russia. The pole does not float in the air and yet is connected to the power lines.

#5. A stranded cruise ship.

This is obviously seen as a Photoshopped image since the ship is on a cliff. Actually, this ship wasn’t stranded in this place but a luxury hotel with the look of a ship was built here. The luxury hotel is situated in South Korea.

#6. A haunting scene.

There seem to be strange monsters among the sea waves, in fact they are bunches of Algae.

#7. The crooked forest.

This is called the crooked forest in West Pomerania, Poland. There are over 400 bent pine trees in this forest.

#8. The flying ship.

Actually, the boat isn’t flying in the air. This boat is floating in the clearest water you have ever seen. So, this isn’t a false image.

#9. The sump hole in Guatemala City.

Although the image looked as if it was Photoshopped, this is a real sump hole that was made in 2010 in Guatemala City. This hole is 200 ft deep and 60 ft wide.

#10. The huge sandstorm in Australia.

The beer wave heading towards the shore is an enormous sandstorm. Perhaps, people in Australia needed a few chills soon after experiencing this sandstorm.