Most of us are interested in getting to know the reason for visiting a place. We should always be aware about the places we should visit and shouldn’t before planning to go on a trip. Perhaps, some areas or countries will be prohibited or irrelevant for most of the travellers.

Here you are with some of the awful places on our planet.

1. Malè, Maldives.

Malè, the capital city of the Maldives is famous for the large crowd present there. The other regions of the Maldives are incredible.

2. Jamaica.

Are you one who needs to spend sometime in an all-inclusive resort basking on a beach doing nothing? Well, then Jamaica is the best place for you. You’ll be highly disappointed if you’re on the way exploring nature and culture.

3. Casablanca.

This is a business district coast in the amazing country Casablanca. It’s the most uninteresting area which makes the country look worse. Nothing else can be seen there, except the expensive mosque which was built by one of the previous kings.

4. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

The buildings around the leaning tower of Pisa are really nicer than it. The tower is so tiny in reality. It looks lame as a whole.

5. Pompeii, Italy.

Pompeii is another place with too much crowd. All the mosaics have been taken by the museums.

6. Athens, Greece.

You’ll only be able to see scaffolding and slums even though you travel there to see the birthplace of a great civilization.

7. Naples, Italy.

The mafia in Naples and the adjoining areas of Campania, Italy, has controlled the waste-management industry throughout the decades. They’ve dumped and burned trash across the vineyards and the rolling hills. With this, the European Union announced this as an official environmental emergency in 1994. However, everything has become worse since then.

8. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, US.

The images show the mountain to be so big. But, yet it’s hard to say if it’s too small than in the images. And also the distance for the viewing deck too is unknown. However, the impressions are underwhelming.

9. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK.

This is too small than you imagine and you are unable to reach it, it’s hours from London.

10. Gibraltar.

This is an actual rock, not a technical country. You are able to see everything in Gibraltar within a few hours.

11. Andorra.

Did you feel as if you were in the outlet mall of Europe?

12. The Great Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt.

These giant pyramids can be witnessed very well from the Pizza Hut. The pyramids look so close. The Egyptians will never let you get away without harassing you to buy their stuff on the way to these pyramids. Eventually, you will have to start hitting them to get rid of them.