People have been searching and discovering new species of animals and plants through biological studies throughout the past hundred years. Some of the newly discovered creatures such as fish, insects and birds look so extraordinary and they make it difficult to believe that we live on the same planet.

As per the statements of some scientists, Earth provides shelter to about 8.7 million animal and plant species while 91% of them are found in the sea and 86% of land species are yet to be discovered. It seems as if nature is never going to stop making us surprised with all her mesmerizing creations.

Here are some wonderful pics of the rarest animals in the world:

1. Royal flycatchers with “hammerhead” appearance due to the colorful crests on their heads.

© ravin.mclean / Instagram

2. The striking colour of the blue parrot!

© IntotheBlueTv / Twitter

3. Red faced strange bald uakari monkeys.

© the.ethogram / Instagram

4. It was named the giraffe weevil just because of its long neck.

© animals_forever_care / Instagram

5. A real masterpiece of nature; The blanket octopus. What a wonderful “blanket” with stunning patterns!

© octopusobsessed / Instagram

6. It’s a pink fairy armadillo, don’t get scared. It’s adorable when you have a closer look!

© wildlife_sensation / Instagram

7. This surreal black lizard.

© ScarLizard / Imgur

8. The star in a lipstick commercial; The Red-lipped batfish. Incredible!

© calmoudulina / Instagram

9. Meet Umbonia Spinosa: the extraterrestrial thorn-shaped bugs!

© animalsofthisplanet / Instagram

10. The famous Appaloosa horse that has attractive color patterns that challenge your imagination.


11. This is the shoebill bird that is pretty charismatic due to its big shoe-shaped bill.

© birokasago / Instagram

12. These small deep sea barreleye fish have transparent heads. WOW!

© sallyzseashore / Instagram