There isn’t a specific recipe to be happy. Yet, there are 13 basic things which you can follow to be happy with your life.

Just start to think about your happiness by wondering the number of people who are unhappy with their lives. At present, we’re able to get to know about the people who are unhappy through the vast exposure to social media platforms.

What would you think if I said that ‘Happiness’ is a choice? Eventhough everyone needs to be content with their lives, many of them won’t make it as their choice. Only the desire to be happy isn’t enough at all. We should always try to leave sadness behind such situations.

Here you’re with 13 fundamental things that happy people follow everyday. Go through these and try to select the things which you go along with. These will be helpful for you to determine yourself.

1. You’re content with what you have and you don’t worry about the things you lack.

The main boundary to separate the happy ones and the unhappy ones is “Gratefulness”. The hormone serotonin, which is responsible for happiness is released by being grateful. This also means that ungratefulness leads you towards long lasting unhappiness.

2. You have desires only on what you can have.

Many people among us are unhappy due to their inability to own things which they can’t reach at the moment. But, the nature of the happy ones is to search for the sources of their wishes. It’s their habit to question themselves if they have a desire for something. Start to remember what you have with you whenever you get such unreachable desires.

3. You are an open-handed person.

Selfless people always try to look at the bright side of their life. They never hesitate to help others with what they have. These kinds of people see the depth of the things as well as other people due to their qualities. The reason for them to be happy is their way of seeing the good in others.

4. You have already realized that happiness isn’t an ultimate destination.

The journey to happiness is the thing which matters not the ultimate destination. Try to enjoy your way not the final place you reach, when it comes to a ride. As per the experts many people who’re happy aren’t conscious of it. This means that happiness is something which comes naturally. It doesn’t appear as a thing which is unusual for them as it’s their normal state.

5. You’re responsible over your life.

If you’re a happy person whom I’m talking about, you’re aware about this point. Is it true if I say that you take control and responsibility over your life? It’s your way to remove the things which bother your lives. And also you change the way of your life if you understand that you’re not in the correct one.

6. You dedicate your time to slow down at some instances.

In this, it’s said that you need to appreciate the tiniest things in your life in order to be happy. Try to schedule a time to be free amidst your busy routine. Try to engage in your hobby during that time. It doesn’t matter to dedicate some of your time to clear your mind to beat the negativity.

7. You understand that there are no shortcuts in your way to happiness.

Many people feel disappointed when their dreams washed away due to their inability to win a lottery. These people are the unhappiest people in the world. If you’re a happy person you have already realized that there aren’t shortcuts in life. You already know that you have to obtain education, find a job, work hard, pay the bills and reach your dreams all in an order. No matter whether your dream is to form a family, travel or anything else.

8. You know you’re qualified for anything.

Life would be better as soon as we accept that none of the others owe us anything. We must realize that we should help ourselves not the others. Happy ones are those who don’t expect things from others. Therefore, they never get disappointed. Instead they make things positive.

9. You always try to add something special to the world.

Only the genuine people possess this characteristic. You try to make this world a better place as you appreciate your life. You’re almost in love with your life. This specific quality of you makes you a better individual in this entire world.

10. You don’t hesitate to forgive others.

Remain for a while and think of yourself. Are you a person who forgives yourself and others as well? Then of course, it means that you needn’t want to burden yourself with negativity. This is the reason for you to forgive others. Not only for the ones around you, you also forgive yourself as well. You remain peaceful inside as you forgive your own mistakes, failures and wrong choices.

11. You’re full of great attitudes.

You never let the situations or things dominate you. You have already realized that you can’t change the behaviour of the others and that you can only change the way you react. These attitudes always keep you in a favourable position as others have no way to influence your happiness.

12. You always choose your words in a gentle manner.

The way you speak and the words you choose always encourage the lives of the others. It implies that you’re genuinely happy in your life. You strongly believe the saying, “If you do not have anything nice to say to a person, it’s better not to say anything at all.”

13. You start things that can make you happy as a practice.

If you decide that you want to play the guitar – you take lessons. When you think that you need to get a college degree – there you get it! It’s quite simple for you. You run for the chances in life without letting life give you chances.