Photo editing programs such as Photoshop often play “miracles” with some shots. But, sometimes nature too is perfect with no other adjustment. There’s no need of editing and making it more captivating since perfection is in them. Let’s go back and see some instances where reality overtook imagination. No more photo editing softwares now.

#1. Photoshopped? Not of course, this is what happened an hour after sanding wood.

Image credit: spicymemes123 / Reddit

#2. “It was exactly as it was written on the bag of seeds when I planted them: red sunflowers!”

Image credit: chiquitatarita / Reddit

#3. The front view and the side view of a 2D gecko.

Image credit: _qt314bot / Reddit

#4. Wow! What do you think of these amazing colours of the spider?

Image credit: MetiHB / Reddit

#5. You often experience the same results when you work with wood. Your arm will look as if it is cracked due to wood dust.

Image credit: Kittenmeistere / Reddit

#6. Meeting of two different ocean currents.

Image credit: hossious / Reddit

#7. “A striking phenomenon that I was able to capture at Yosemite Falls”


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#8. The carpet of cherry petals fell on a river.

Image credit: Reddit / _Kumiho_

#9. What a round stone found from the beach!

Image credit: Reddit / retroly

#10. Standing in balance above all.

Image credit: Reddit / /DJ-Long

#11. Perfection witnessed in a small snowflake.

Image credit: Reddit / AboveTheSkies

#12. The amazing symmetry of these flowers.

Image credit: Imgur

#13. Snow blanket sliding on a car bonnet.

Image credit: Reddit / SirRealist