Dogs are, beyond any doubt, the most faithful animals on Earth. More than that, they don’t expect anything in return for their never-ending love and faithfulness. So, it’s our job to cherish them back and offer them all the comfort and affection they need. Yet, lamentably for some dogs this is just a dream. Most of them end up deserted, compelled to live a hopeless life. It’s additionally the situation of Cosmo, a lovable Saint Bernard.

He was born to a breeder in Nebraska, the dog who was only 2 years of age never received the love and affection of a home. Truth be told, his owner who had no affection towards the poor fellow chose to send Cosmo to an animal shelter. Confounded, yet always friendly, the 130lbs was obviously a gentle giant. What’s more, the volunteers at Hearts United for Animals loved him since the first time they saw him.

Given his delicate nature, it didn’t take much time for someone to show an interest to give this adorable dog an actual home with the love and affection which he deserved. A couple from upstate New York has experienced passionate love for Cosmo since the very first moment they saw him and chose to adopt him. After a long journey, Jayne and her husband at last met Cosmo and now they were preparing to come all the way back.

“I don’t know if Cosmo has any understanding of what’s happening, but I think he understands there’s a human here who wants to give him some love and he’s pretty happy about it,” the lady said. What’s more, it truly was love at first sight.

Somewhat anxious because of the long street, Cosmo was going to make his very first steps into a house and begin a new life with a fresh start. The feelings were overpowering for both the dog and her mother, Jayne, yet Cosmo’s response while going inside was inspiring. See:

It’s so happy to see such an adorable, delicate and lovable animal receiving what he deserves. “It’s nice to see him on a big space, see him spread out and put his belly on a cool floor, and just know he’s finally staying in a space, a place where can feel happy and comfortable,” Jayne stated.

[h/t: Animalchannel]