Are you uncomfortable with huge objects? No? Well, Challenge! Scroll down and check out the post and comment how you feel!

1. Some statues give you the feelings of a dwarf! / Via

2. How about the huge domes?

3. Look at the difference in the size of a regular-sized man and a huge wind turbine. / Via

4. Do large, strange ships like this shock you? / Via

5. Do you feel uncomfortable? / Via

6. Oh My Goodness!

7. This is another message to remind you that you are still too small.

Flickr: [email protected] / Via CHARLES

8. Things can be very huge during unexpected moments. / Via

9. Those large things can end you within a few seconds. / Via

10. Huge mountain piles of salt.

11. They are getting converted into actual mountains.

12. Basically, we are ants. / Via

13. Tiny baby ants. / Via

14. Here see the huge size of the Sun. Find where you are!