As children, we were frequently told the story of the ‘Bremen town musicians.’ A rooster, a cat, a dog, and a donkey join together to sing and we all imagine a very amazing gang making their way in life. This renowned band was in desperate need of a nice image for their cover album.

Unlike these men who will remain only a story some really photogenic animals have completed their cover pictures, and to be honest, they are far superior to how some of us normally pose.

These animals have taken their roles in front of the camera very seriously and the consequences of the images you’re going to see are beautiful. These photos have once again captivated our hearts for these hairy, fluffy, beautiful animals.

Scroll down to discover the greatest photo shoots to brighten your day.

#1 This guy has a lot going for him.

Image source: unknown

#2 Adorable squirrel posture.

Image source: Jason ozur

#3 The coolest dudes in the house.

Image source: unknown

#4 The sensual seductress.

Image source: space_angel

#5 Draw me in the style of one of your French females.

Image source: vergu

#6 There are some gloomy emotions here.

Image source: unknown

#7 The scene’s newest grunge band.

Image source: raask

#8 Family objectives, y’all.

Image source: 88kncorbett

#9 The best hits album from the 1980s.

Image source: Rob MacInnis

#10 Miss Alaska.

Image source: Olav Thokle

#11 That rap record from the 1990s.

Image source: notthatdanadane

#12 The band including twin guitars.

Image source: yoremahm

#13 Squirrels strutting their stuff on stage.

Image source: unknown

#14 A family album will be released shortly.

Image source: unknown

#15 There’s a deadly feeling going on here.

Image source: