On any day in the USA, about 443,000 children are under foster care and on average these kids are under the care of the government for about 2 years.

Although people think most of these kids are young, the mean age of these foster kids are 8. 

The organization Together We Rise reported that 1200 children enter foster care per day in the USA. So that as a solution TWR encourages families and volunteers who love to adopt children.

TWR is a non-profit organization and they are committed to transform the way youth moves through foster care. TWR was founded in 2008 by Danny Mendoza. The reason for him to start the organization was seeing his 9 years old cousin living in a car.  Although he tried to help, he couldn’t as he was under the age of  21. 

After his inability to help his cousin, he found his own way to help children in such situations. Therefore he shared his ideas and vision with his colleagues. He started the organization with great motivation and now TWR is a nationwide organization painting the bright futures of the foster care children. 

TWR started to post images of these kids on social media such as Facebook and Instagram who were newly adopted.  These photos received a hub of good responses.

TWR said that thousands of people contacted them to know the process to be a foster parent. 

And also TWR said that thousands of professional photographers interested in the process gave their support by donating.

Over 5000 professionals have signed during the very first day.

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