There is a huge animal diversity in the world. All the animals have different features from one another. The shape is another attribute related to diversity. Some animals are fluffy and spherical and look like balls, some are hyperactive while some are amazingly pudgy. For me, birds come forth in my mind when I read this description. None other animals can take the birbness of the birds away.

The photographs that you’re about to see aren’t done using any kind of magic or Photoshop editing. They are real. These animals are perfectly round. I hope they are delighted with their chubby fluffiness. This is how they were born and this is the way they are meant to be!

Their look suggests that they can’t even hurt a tiny fly. They are so adorable. The only crime they do is stealing our hearts.

I’m pretty sure that these cuties will make you go! Get ready with your birdometer!

#1 This is the Eurasian Bullfinch which is an adorable cotton ball of peach feathers.

Instagram | @darleneeverittphotography

It has a bulky bull-head with a white rump and a blackish tail. The male bird has a grey mantle. The underparts of these birds are pinkish-red, with a white vent.

The bird has been referred to as “redbreast”, “pink-red”, or “rosy breast” in academic descriptions. But, I think that it’s not necessary to use all these words to describe such a bird since it is peach in color.

Anyhow, these beautiful birds are quite common in Asia as well as Europe. Their habitats stretch from British isles to Japan.

#2 The perfectly round Pink Robin!

Instagram | @ambikangela

Their main point of attraction is their color. They are bright pink and thus have become social media stars. They weigh around 10g and can be seen in the south-eastern parts of Australia, including Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

#3 The New Zealand Takahe.

Reddit | notherfacelessperson

Takahē is a unique flightless bird. It is considered a conservation icon and a survivor.

It is the largest surviving member of the family of rails. And also, it is the largest flightless bird in New Zealand. They only can be seen in New Zealand and belong to the Rallidae (rail) family of birds.

#4 Round duck!

Reddit | michaelsenpatrick

#5 The Roundly Goldcrest!

Instagram | @soosseli

This is one of the smallest birds in Europe. Both its English as well as Scientific names have originated from the golden crest of feathers. Yes, of course, this specific crest is the reason for it to be called the “king of the birds”. The tiny goldcrest is grayish-green in color and on its head we can see a black and yellow stripe. In the adults, there’s an extra orange center too. The bellies of the adults are pale in color. They have a perfectly designed beak to pick out insects from between pine needles.

#6 The Bearded Reedling.

Instagram | @olssonstenman_photography

No one is expected to get confused by the look of these birds since they have quite distinctive features and poses with them. Their look is uncommon. Thus, they are easily recognizable. Think you’d see a mini, egg-like bird resting on a branch, perhaps, it might be a Bearded Reedling.

#7 The Long-Tailed Tit, simply a floating cotton ball!

Instagram | @ktgwyzr

These birds are often loved by the Japanese who call them Shima enaga. This specific species is only seen in Hokkaido and it is called the long-tailed tits in English.

What’s so special about the long-tailed tits in Hokkaido? The reason is their size. All of them are so tiny around 13 to 15 centimeters in length and half of it is the tail.

#8 This dangerous tiny owl!

Instagram | @simonlee8808

It is an owlet technically. Same like Pluto, this collared owl too was rejected from being considered as an owl since it was too tiny.

#9 The Eurasian Blue Tit

Instagram | @soosseli

The Eurasian blue tit is one of the smallest passerine birds in the tit family, Paridae. These birds too are easily recognizable due to their yellow and blue plumage.

#10 Do not think that the term “Plumbeous” refers to the round shape of the bird.

Instagram | @alper.varon_photography

It was named the plumbeous water redstart due to its slate-blue color only.

#11 Butterball Birb (Yellow Tanager)

Reddit | cazzyflies

#12 Round Owl


#13 Perfectly round long-tailed tit!

Cherrug Nature Photography

This bird is easily noticeable due to its tail which is bigger than the body, the distinctive coloring, and the undulating flight. They are quite noisy and live in flocks that consist of about 20 birds.

As same as the other tits, they take rove the hedgerows and woods and are seen on commons and heaths.

#14 Owl

Franka Slothouber

#15 Fiery-throated Hummingbird

Alvaro Cubero