Vladimir Kazak, a Russian artist exactly knows the method of using the shock factor in his illustrations. Kazak believes that his work is satirical, indicating the day-to-day life in slightly different comical fashion. He covers issues like dumbing down of modern society due to the addiction of watching TV and junk food through these photographs and also the effect of robotic nature in the life of humans as a result of being controlled by smart technology.

Please scroll down to have a look at 15 pictures of Vladimir’s latest selection of tropical paintings below.

All of us are robots

Just on the subway

A modernized cemetery

The butcher’s shop

The arrows of Robin Hood

A house of a monster

Silk food

Time to sleep

A perfect pull

It’s Monday

The robot has passed away

This is a scene extracted from Red Riding Hood: ‘I’m here, Grandma’!

Decos of the living room

It doesn’t seem edible at all

Hunting in the woods

You are able to see more of Vladimir Kazak’s photos on his website HERE.

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