All of us are often stuck in everyday work and monotony with no idea of nature and its marvells. Since we’ve forgotten surprises of nature throughout years, we should now open our eyes to witness them. Walking in the woods, leafing through some nature pics and looking out of the window are more than enough to see everything in nature. You needn’t go far while having all the beauties on your doorstep. However, there are some people who have an interest in admiring the beauty of nature.

#1. How did the footprints stay intact when snow has melted?

Image credit: GiggglingPixie/reddit

#2. A yellow coloured turtle which is one of the most unusual softshell turtles. Have anyone of you seen such a turtle before?

Image credit: deva_iitkgp/twitter

#3. A car parked on a mirror? Not at all. This car is parked in the middle of a huge ice cap.

Image credit: bencelot/reddit

#4. Occurrence of rainbow clouds which is a very rare incident was photographed in India: nature never stops amazing humans.

Image credit: readingislove/reddit

#5. A naturally created tunnel in a railway that turns green during summer and changes its colours with the occurrence of other seasons.

Image credit: rrrudya/instagram

#6. A non-edible slice of pizza that comes out of a rock. One of the best examples to show what nature is able to create.

Image credit: charliewarner01/reddit

#7. Melting snow due to the heat of the sun formed small snowy pine trees. Really nice!

Image credit: milk_cat/reddit

#8. The effect of bioluminescence due to a community of algae built up in a lagoon.

Image credit: davey_rogers/instagram

#9. A double spiral cabbage with amazing designs. Even the vegetables are fascinating!

Image credit: takemetotheplaya/reddit

#10. A wonderful photographer who had the ability to immortalize an iceberg. One of the rarest scenes that one can see.


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#11. How fortunate is this person to witness a petunia that seems to mimic a galaxy.

Image credit: shady_robot/reddit

#12. This is one of the tiniest maple leaves ever that has been unnoticed by some people but noticed by one. This photograph gives us the chance to admire the splendor of the leaf.

Image credit: bukunothing/reddit

#13. This trunk seems as if a couple of trunks have twisted together!

Image credit: roccobarocco/reddit

#14. A real rainbow that gives the effect of the green shades of grass coming out of each tile.

Image credit: littlewrenbird/reddit

#15. A trunk inside another trunk which is a rare incident.

Image credit: sachikox/reddit

Above photographs are the best example to show that we can be mesmerized even by the least expected moment. Is there anyone who have come across such natural wonders? If so, never hesitate to send us your photographs to share with the online community!