Nature’s potential to offer living beings and landscapes with surreal beauty is amazing. She always surprises us all the time. Birds are one of the most unique offers of nature. As per different classifications, there are around 10,000 species of birds. and 20,000 subspecies. They are mainly classified based on their external appearance, and the attributes such as color, size, body shape, and beak. Not all of us are lucky enough to observe them so close. Many of the amazing birds are found in rural and remote areas. Birds are of incredible features such as unique eyelashes, unique plumage, muzzles, or shades. We thought of offering you a selected list of beautiful birds.

#1 Gorgeous eyelashes


#2 Bleu


Its crest, color, and tail differentiate it from the common pigeon.

#3 Mom and baby


#4 A colorful bird


#5 A quite funny expression


#6 Prestigious


#7 Bright purple


#8 Blue and white combined


#9 Red Bengali


#10 A big beak


#11 In alert

praveen g nair/instagram

#12 How are the color shades?


#13 Blue and white!


#14 An elegant parrot


#15 Contrasting colors

GrayBuffalo reddit

Enthusiasts and researchers are overwhelmed by the animal kingdom. Some birds as well as other animals arouse the curiosity of humans. They refute some beliefs too. What if I ask you whether all the birds have wings? Not at all! Kiwi is a bird species that is found in Oceania without wings or a tail. While the ostrich stands as the largest bird, hummingbirds have become the smallest species. Hummingbirds weigh around 1.6 grams and they have the talent to reach 70 wing beats per second. Have you ever seen such charming birds with your own eyes?