Some people believe that the first impression on a person relies on the type of shoes he/she wears. Shoes have become the most attractive element in creating a better outfit. If this argument is true, then the first impression is exactly autonomous and it does not depend on a balanced person. Here are some of the most strange types of shoes we’ve ever found.

1. She seems to love for a walk by the seaside.

Image credit: Instagram / Kermit Tesoro

2. Forward or backward? You will always be directed in the “right” direction with these shoes.

Image credit: Reddit / GothBunnyClique

3. The shoes of an eccentric dentist.

Image credit: Reddit / MagicPotato192

4. Show your love for desserts with this pair of shoes.

Image credit: Facebook / Luxurious Life

5. The hidden engineering study behind these shoes!

Image credit: Reddit / 1ce_W01f

6. When a person tells you to not go out barefoot after breaking a drink.

7. These high heels should be worn in St. Mark’s Square in Venice!

8. Metal is the last thing that comes to our minds when making shoes.

9. Sporty as well as a little elegant and glamorous as interpreted today.

10. Is it a mistake in the placement of the heel?

11. For someone who likes to be taken for a centaur.

12. For someone who isn’t content with one pair of shoes.

13. What can you see, the tentacles or noodles? There’s one thing we all agree and that is… they are horrible.

14. Use this to clean your house without giving up on style.

15. We can’t still believe walking in these shoes!

Some people do anything to grab the attraction, of course they would even wear these strange shoes!