Nature: Look!, Me: OK, but HOW?!

#1 This frost-covered sculpture is an amazing pencil art.

u/shawneffel / Via

This statue of a man holding a woman looks like a pencil art as it is dusted in frost.

#2 What a strange cracked egg!

u/Hellcat624 / Via

Though the egg misses half of the shell, the yolk remains clear, and also it’s not broken yet.

#3 This tomato row belongs to a museum wall.

u/thehazy_daisy / Via

This row shows the different stages of growth of the tomatoes. From small and green to large and red.

#4 Wow! A gradient pepper.

u/petriomelony / Via

A pepper with multiple color shades from green to red.

#5 What a perfectly strange and satisfying circular rock.

u/retroly / Via

See this hand with an extremely circular flat rock.

#6 Have a look at this peculiar rock with a straight crack!

u/poppzE / Via

See this huge rock formation that’s split down the center in a straight line only a few inches in width.

#7 The division is done by a quartz line.

u/gap343 / Via

A perfectly straight line running from the middle of it.

#8 Is this an artificial snow sheet or a natural one!

u/SirRealist / Via

A natural snow sheet that looks like a thick blanket material falling off the hood of the car.

#9 A shadow that stands in line with the sidewalk’s crack.

bigpaynis / Via

It’s half-covered with its shade to form a perfect line down the middle.

#10 This squared-off section of clouds looks like a sheet of cotton or something.

u/musicforthedeaf / Via

A square-shaped area formed of clouds seen from above from a plane window.

#11 The square roots!

krydddda123 / Via

The roots grow at right angles over the cracks on the square-shaped pavers.

#12 Half lemon and half lime!

mcmcnair / Via

A fruit that has the look of a lime with green in half and looks like a lemon with yellow in half tries to confuse us whether it’s lemon, lime, or something else.

#13 This Frozen-worthy perfect snowflake.

u/AboveTheSkies / Via

This snowflake has perfect symmetry with 6 arms and angular shapes.

#14 What a perfect circle formed from a bit of dead grass.

u/grastard / Via

Dried grass has been blown around in a circle to build a perfect set of circles on the clean sand.

#15 What do you say? Aren’t these flower petals match the cover of a geometry book?

Prost68 / Via

These beautiful pink flowers without marks form a completely symmetrical shape.

#16 The center of this pepper is happy to see you for sure!

u/TrayToTheL / Via

Though cut, the green bell pepper seems to still smile as there’s a smiley face in the core from the natural vein.

H/T: r/oddlysatisfying and r/mildlyinteresting