Yehuda Devir is a well-known illustrator and comic craftsman from Israel who’s recognized for drawing all the phenomenal and amusing things he and his wife Maya experience in their lives. His actual comics spread everything from their day by day experiences to their adventure towards parenthood. Everybody who has ever experienced these circumstances will discover something well-known in these comics. Look at these comics, and to find how this adorable couple appears to be, in actual life.

1. Shedding Hair Always

Anyone who lived some time with a lady who has long hair before will most likely realize this circumstance well.

So, in any event, cleaning incorporates the fun part of gathering all the fallen up hair.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

2. Now It’s your Turn

The pair realizes that cutting onions isn’t a simple thing to do. They do it one by one. This time the ball is in her court…

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Although she thinks she has set herself up for the task, he realizes that it is as yet difficult. He is making the most of his wife encountering what he faced previously.

3. Waxing Is Painful

Maya abhors waxing since it draws out the female hulk in her. She doesn’t need her husband to see her furious side.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

The terrified look on her husband’s face shows that he wouldn’t like to disturb her at any point. He will sit tight until she becomes human again 🙂

4. I Thought It Was Only “You” Who Wants To Diet

She saw this phrase somewhere which said that ‘you are what you eat.’ So, she has chosen to eat natural nourishment and expel all the processed nourishment from the cooler.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

It appears Yehuda, then again, isn’t that content with this new green eating routine…

5. Baby, I Can Sit On The Ground If You’d Want Me To

She needs a nice shower with a glass of wine. It seems like a great than the normal way of having a shower, doesn’t it? He too thought about the exact thing.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

He had to give up on his dream because this bath was much more crowded than he expected.

6. How Does It Taste?

Seems Like somebody found a special spaghetti in his bowl…

Yehuda & Maya Devir

As referenced previously, when you marry a woman who has long hair, get ready to meet it EVERYWHERE 🙂

7. Trust Me, It’s Not Going To Hurt!

He fears syringes, and he has consistently avoided them. However, now it’s time to take his blood tests, and he has no other path around it.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

She realizes her massive and solid spouse fears tiny syringes. However, when it comes to the nurse, have look at who the strongest is…

8. Cooperation

At the point when she requests for him to lift her with the goal of changing the bulb, he cannot say the word ‘no’ to her even though he realizes he can’t lift her for a really long time.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Up there, she is imagining that her husband isn’t feeling anything since she is so lightweight. Down there, the spouse is thinking how on earth he consented to do it.

9. Hello, That’s Not Fair

“Just Five More Minutes”, you already know about what happens next…

Yehuda & Maya Devir

The ball was in his court to play with the remote-control car, yet he knows he is miserable when she focuses on playing their favorite games

10. I Adore Your Baby Face

Each guy adores his beard face where (pretty much) every young lady cherishes her guy’s babyface. After requesting for couple of days, she, at last, convinced him to shave off his beard.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

She can’t get tired of his smooth face and touching it all the time.. However, it won’t be the same babyface for a much long.

11. She Could Have Worn Another Scarf

He is all set out and is expecting that his wife to come. Finally, she descends following an hour and is altogether canvassed in comfortable clothes from head to toe.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

They clearly see each temperature in an unexpected way…

12. You Can’t Go Anywhere

She is wiped out and has just purged two tissue boxes. She needs to work, yet somebody needs to assume responsibility and get her to bed, Now.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Let’s just hope that she won’t bring her laptop to bed. Obsessive workers are fit for that! 🙂

13. Baby, We’re Don’t Have Much Time

He went into the room daring to dream that she would be all prepared.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Looks like he’s going to 1need to stand by some more…

14. Special Baby Potion Might Work

As Maya is attempting her best to become a mother, and that implies blending every one of the things that will take every necessary step 🙂

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Anyway, what do you think? was the potion powerful? Look below discover…

15. At last!

Their attempts finally received a benefit they were hopefully expecting for…

Yehuda & Maya Devir

They, at last, got the news that they will become parents. It is the most joyful and most energizing moment of their lives.

16. One of Us Should Stop Panicking

OK, perhaps we shouldn’t carry the whole house to the hospital 🙂

Yehuda & Maya Devir

The child is at Finally coming!

17. Welcome Home Little Angel

At last, the baby showed up, and they can’t take their eyes off their little dear baby.

Yehuda & Maya Devir

Yehuda and Maya named their little child young lady Ariel. Adorable!

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