Cats are weird. There is no argue in that. No one would describe a cat without the word ‘weird’ or at least something similar. If you ever wanted to understand you cat, please do yourself a favor, just do not try.

So what can we do with that weirdness except having fun sharing it online and try to compare with others. That is the sole purpose of this online community “WhatsWrongWithYourCat.” We bought you 18 photos to prove that there is no way to us to compare the weirdness of cats. After all, that is one of their main qualities that we love.

1# Oh, I Do Not Want To Be In That Room At Night

Image credit: Ominous_Koreageek/reddit

Turn around and forget why you came to the kitchen!

2# Admit It, This Would Be Cuter If He Was Not Showing Those Canines

Image credit: sheriw1965/reddit

Understand the guy want some attention, but can you choose some less weird way ask it man?

3# Is That Way Comfortable To Him?

Image credit: ZacharyShade/reddit

4# Nibble The Sofa Man, It Is All Yours, No One Is Going To Disturb You

Image credit: sangallium/reddit

5# Why Is He Sitting Like That? Can We Even Call That ‘Sitting’?

Image credit: reddit

6# What Are You Looking At Buddy? And Why Are You Holding Your Leg?

Image credit: Elkie_Kaibu/reddit

7# Being A Cat Is All About Being Not Normal

Image credit: eeyajess520/reddit

Whenever his owner in the shower he tries to get in too.

8# Nice Way Of Transportation He Has There

Image credit: shadowwraith69/reddit

He found a new game. There is no turning back now. He loves when someone carrying him inside that.

9# His Forelegs Are Not Going Numb In That Position?

Image credit: reddit

10# What Can We Do Other Than Letting It Have It Her Way

Image credit: reddit

11# Just In Case If You Are Wandering; Yes, He Is Sleeping

Image credit: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U/reddit

He looks so much like doing a yoga pose by the way.

12# We Are Loving The Underfloor Heating Here

Image credit: ayelili/reddit

He is enchanted by the underfloor heating in their new bathroom.

13# Guess It Is His Panic Mode?

Image credit: Cats With Threatening Auras/Facebook

14# Hey Are You Supposed To Sleep Like That? Is It Even Healthy?

Image credit: mochigorl/reddit

15# Oh, He Is Posing

Image credit: Cats With Threatening Auras/Facebook

I do not know about the painting in the background but looks like the guy in the painting also had a cat and the artist forgot to paint it.

16# So, A Cat Cube? That Is New

Image credit: reddit

17# Looks Like She Thinks Herself As A Statue Too

Image credit: diaperpresident/reddit

18# Hard To Argue With A Cat That Has Its Own Unique Perspective About Seeing Things. Even It Is Upside Down

Image credit: bajinglez/reddit