These birds are the Instagram models for the modern world of birds.

#1 Are you an Instagram follower of bird accounts? If not, you’re missing a lot!

The Lilac-breasted Roller is named the national bird of Botswana as well as Kenya.

#2 By now, there are around 20,000* different species of gorgeous birds in the world. One of them is the Plum-headed Parakeet.

A research study that was conducted a few years back identified over 18,000 bird taxas. However, not everyone was on board with the increase of this count.

#3 Consider the Oriental dwarf kingfisher for example. It is a bird species that was found in Southeast Asia. Though it has a rough name, its beauty is inexpressible.

#4 What do you say about this Rhinoceros hornbill?

Fun Fact: The casque which you can see on the top of its head has started in white but changed with time due to rubbing it against an oil-gland beneath its tail.

#5 The common hummingbirds are quite more colorful and shiny. This particular hummingbird was found in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.

#6 Why too late to check this Fiery-throated hummingbird which is native to Costa Rica and Panama?

#7 Dear purple lovers, the Velvet-purple Coronet is for you!

Fun Fact: This bird appears completely dark in low light.

#8 Not only the hummingbirds are blessed with multi-colored feathers, the Rainbow Lorikeets are the same. They are a group of the parrot family and are considered pests in some regions of New Zealand and Australia.

Anyway, they might be the most attractive pests in the world.

#9 These lovely birds are the Painted Buntings. They are also called the “Nonpareil”. The meaning is unrivaled. They’re more common creatures in the Southeastern United States.

#10 Not all people are fans of pigeons, but the Nicobar pigeon is something else!

Fun Fact: These Nicobar pigeons are the closest surviving relatives of the Dodo.

#11 The Violaceous Trogon* gives a Harry Potter spell-like feeling and is found in South and Central America.

*The scientists have found three species of Violaceous Trogons by now.

#12 This bird with a Zorro-looking mask is the Common Green Magpie.

#13 And this is a wonderful picture of a Mandarin duck.

Fun Fact: These ducks aren’t hunted for food since they are apparently bad in taste.

#14 Yes of course there should be at least one macaw in this list!

Fun Fact: The wingspan of this Hyacinth macaw is more than four feet.

#15 Peep the legs on this Purple Gallinule.

#16 Take a look at this Three-wattled Bellbird! It got its name since it has three wattles hanging from its face!

#17 This bird looks sophisticated. It is the Violet-green Swallow that normally nests from up in Alaska and central Mexico.

#18 The Hoopoe with a prestigious crown made of feathers on the top of its head.

Fun Fact: The Hoopoe is also mentioned in the Qur’an in Chapter 27.

#19 Wilson’s bird of paradise is popular for its courtship dance.

#20 The Himalayan monal that belongs to the pheasant family would make you surprised with its look.

By the way, these are only a very few out of the thousands of beautiful birds in the world.

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