At the point when we need to take an ideal image of the dawn or a falling star, we are so prepared to hang tight for quite a long time yet once in a while our life makes situations where we just need our camera and great planning. 

Behind these photographs, there were a few photographers that they got the perfect minute and made their masterpiece.

1. Flawless planning.

© FizzyFuzzball1 / reddit

2. Aircraft direction.

© tttks / twitter

3. The moon between skyscrapers.

© 31_riiiii / twitter

4. Remember to look down.

© 723nam / twitter

5. “My phone vibrated at the exact moment I took the picture.”

© posierahraaa / reddit

6. Exercise.

© nanase01 / twitter

7. Now we realize who awakens first.

© Kobogie / reddit

8. A penguin attempting to fly.

© TrueLordChanka / reddit

9. A photograph rare photo of a bird grabbing a shark that is eating a fish.

© wildd666 / reddit

10. Lightning strikes simultaneously as the camera screen rolls.

© Wildfire2044 / reddit

11. This feline has the greatest opportunity of becoming a star.

© 0814Gull / twitter

12. A bird fixed his new haircut.

© teereximus / reddit

13. At the point when animals love you:

© marnix14 / reddit

14. “Me feeding this squirrel some bread.”

© bbacks26 / reddit

15. “My friend took a photo of me swinging my shirt around and it looks like I tamed a bird to perch on my hand.”

© GallowBoob 1/ reddit

16. Indecent assault.

© justintolerable / reddit

17. “My mom’s new hairstyle is really unique.”

© Jbarney15 / reddit

18. “I gotta go! Humans need me!”

© Raumschiff / reddit

19. Got You.

© thumb_tani / twitter

20. Whales surface fantastically close to a little boat.

© reddit/ BurungHantu