Perfect timing has a wonderful ability to make or break a creative image. It can convert the image into a funny coincidence or else an alluring illusion. People are attracted to see things in several ways using the different angles of focusing the images. You’ll be able to capture images of giant cats resting on the rooftops if you follow this incredible technique of timing.

Perhaps they might appear as results of mad photography or a matter of time. However, our minds would sometimes be confused due to the perfectly timed photographs. Some photographs have confusing illusions inside them which can blow minds. Therefore, you’d look at it once again. Here you are gifted with some more amusingly confusing photographs to look at.

This image of me and my nephew.

gar_el -Via

OMG! One person with three thighs?

wcmj -Via

Try to find the cat in this image.

lueBumbleBee123 -Via

I just wanted to show you my giant cat.

bz123gaming -Via

Both the front as well as the back of my neck seem to be similar in the picture.

Xcxcvxc -Via

Nope. Building is not what is slanted.

f*ckmeelizabeth -Via

Human slayer and duck the king.

John_Show -Via

A school of fish that looks like aliens when feeding.

Gaurav-07 -Via

The dog groomer missed the other half of his hand and this looks as if he has put his elbow-deep into the dog.

Buncha_bastards -Via

Floor scheme made chair. It seems as if it’s stuck in a weird angle.

helloitsmesadness -Via

How about a dog-man chilling in the hammock.

ethanyol -Via

Both the microphone and the mask in one?

pollon_24 -Via

What did you spot at first?

swestheim -Via

Cat with a dwarf face!

HighLowJumpKick -Via

Don’t misunderstand, coz this is a single picture.

an0kri -Via

A doggo with extremely sharp teeth.

maraa5 -Via

They aren’t holding hands with each other.

Trohk -Via

Whoa! How nice his legs are!

Boardindundee -Via

Delicious ice-cream.

Marascaaa2 -Via

Who’s posing and who’s capturing?

Newmaker_Sei_Zen -Via