Parental love isn’t limited to humans. Animals too have the parental love and care within them. Animals also do anything to ensure the safety of their kids.

Animals’ feelings towards their young ones bring deep emotions towards us. Images shown below are close-up shots of parents and their babies.

1) A photographer made a decision to shoot Lilica, the pregnant dog. Will there be any other mommies who are happier than Lilica?

© Anna Fotografia / Facebook

2) Father and the son.

© K7NGComment / Reddit

3) This family ignores looking at the camera.

4) Maternal instinct.

© MeanSalamander / Reddit

5) Family idyll.

© juiiar / Reddit

6) Greetings for our new dad!

© Queen0fPentacles / Reddit

7) Mom to be by your side is everything that you need.

© Amadinka / Reddit

8) Expecting from the sky.

© afterdroid / Reddit

9) Parents are the most dedicated protectors.

© tarkovsky2186 / Reddit

10) As well as the best friends!

© Reuters

11) Perfectly organized.

© Final_Leek / Reddit

12) They will treat you as if you are one of their family members though you’re not.

© urboiDecwise / Reddit

13) “After all, it doesn’t matter that you’re not my child…”

© Pigoonlet / Reddit

14) How about looking after others’ children?

15) The strength of parental affection.

© Eastnews

16) Pride of a mom.

© cyXie / Reddit

17) 3 generations just in a single image.


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18) I’m so tired and sleepy.

© CarelessCry / Reddit

19) Perhaps, we get someone else’s chance.

© PhellowHuman / Reddit

20) Everyone acts equally with no favorations.

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Bonus: Not only the animals, but also the toys need love.

© rkellyjr / Reddit

Preview photo credit: Anna Fotografia / Facebook