Our sense of location is shaped by landscapes, but the Earth is continually changing. Volcanism, wind, water, sun, and yes, people all work together to modify what we consider familiar territory, eroding massive canyons, building new land with seething lava, and shifting the course of mighty rivers.

Some are completely natural. Some are the work of humans. Some are underwater. Some are completely new. Some of them are pretty old. They all have one thing in common: they are breathtaking to look at and experience.

We are frequently amazed by what we observe in nature; the wonders of nature never cease to amaze us. However, there are some items that we may ignore because they are not in the proper place or are in inaccessible areas.

The photos below show 20 natural occurrences that you never believed were conceivable.

1] A lizard whose tail becomes blue.

2] A fungus that looks to be composed of glass.

3] This is a massive chandelier.

4] A claw from a dog.

5] Due to a skin issue, this duck was born without feathers.

6] The hue of India’s big squirrels is stunning.

7] In extremely hot conditions, a horse’s sweat dries immediately to create salt droplets.

8] Raccoon with an albino coat.

9] A hummingbird’s feather.

10] They accidentally included a particle helpful to parrots in the clay for the bricks. They are content on the building’s wall.

11] A hummingbird nest covered in a leaf.

12] This is a syringe needle with a deadly snake tooth next to it. It can be viewed through a microscope.

13] A seahorse father with his children.

14] A huge salamander pays a visit after a flood.

15] A very lovely cloud.

16] For a few months, I’ll use a fresh sewing needle and a used needle.

17] A fantastic gradient effect.

18] Cactus in the form of a heart.

19] An egg from an ostrich.

20] The cobweb is a network that may support water.