These green, semi-subterranean, ‘Sluggo’ people, as the artist call them, were brought to life by the artist David Zinn. Zinn is no ordinary artist. He was a theatrical performer, designer and director for 21 years with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of University of Michigan. His Instagram has more than 450,000 followers and also a book he wrote on his street art is available for purchase on Amazon.

Zinn has been decorating streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2008. But lately he has been busier than ever. He is documenting these Sluggos of his all over Ann Arbor and he is doing all these amazing stuff with just chalk. We brought a collection of his work here for your entertainment today. Browse ahead and leave a comment for us too.

#1 Looks Like This Mouse Adopted The “Octa-Sluggo”

#2 The Stone-Head Sluggo

#3 Going Somewhere, Buddy?

#4 The “Grass-Tailed Sluggo Salamander”

#5 A Man-Hole Oreo? Wonder How It Tastes Like

#6 Why Is Everybody Eating The Pavement?

#7 The Artistic Sluggo

#8 Aww.. He Looks So Adorable

#9 Oh, Yes, The Confident Sluggo

#10 Man, You Just Broke A Nice Floor

#11 The Secret Window Of The Rat Apartment

#12 How To Catch A Heart Thief

#13 “Good Morning World!”

#14 Sluggo Know How To Hairstyle

#15 Now This Is Some Sky Level Ground Art

#16 The Infinite Snake Needs Traffic Controlling

#17 Rat Can Maybe Ask For Help From Fish? He Looks Friendly Right?

#18 Easy Way To Get Water

#19 What Do You Think They Are Making Here?

#20 Don’t Be So Aggressive Towards A Tiny Little Mouse

Tell us your thoughts about these creative Sluggo. Of course any comment on the amazing artist who made these would be really nice too. Don’t you wish if you had an artist like this around your neighborhood too? And while you are already at the bottom of the page share this happy article with you friends and family. They will love it.