Being in prison gives prisoner enough of free time to thing and do pretty amazing things. Sometimes they can be dangerous and illegal. But in these cases, most of them were just innocent creativity.

These are from the sudreddit called Prison Wallet. This community is dedicated for the purpose of sharing and admiring creative innovative things done by prisoners. We have a collection here which we thought you might be interested seeing.

Go ahead and browse through. Remember to share your ideas with us the comment section and share this with your friend and family. You know, they will probably love this too.

#1 Rehabilitation Scheme Of Indiana Were Given Each Prisoner A Cat. This Cat Is Wearing A Hat Which Knitted By His Master

Image source: log00

#2 Soap Animals. Carved Only Using A Plastic Spoon And An Empty Pen

Image source: tacollama82

#3 ‘Lady’, The Electric Guitar, Made By An Inmate In A Pennsylvania State Prison. Which Was Illegal By The Way

Image source: chicametipo

#4 HMS St. George Model Made By Pows Of The Seven Years’ War, AKA French And Indian War

Image source: Tzuvembi

#5 A Brazilian Prisoner Bursting Out Of A Tunnel He Dug Which Mistakenly Lead Into A Guard Room. He Dug This For Five Years In Case If You Are Wandering. Top Marks For Dedication. Just Something To Remember By If You Feel Your Life Is Hard

Image source: NarcosdaMouraria

#6 This Inmate Was Only Give A Blue Pen To Draw His Interpretation Of The Prison System. And He Colored His Art Using Melting Skittles And M&Ms Anyway

Image source: gendarme_

#7 A Face Of A Guard Made With Soap. Even Those Eyes. This Is A Work Of A Brazilian Prisoner

Image source: NarcosdaMouraria

#8 These Chess Pieces, Just Awesome. Have You Ever Seen More Detailed Chess Pieces Than This?

Image source: shyter351

#9 Frank Morris, John Anglin And Clarence Anglin Left These Paper Mache Heads Behind When They Escaped The Prison Alcatraz

Image source: flysoup84

#10 Rolled Paper, Cardboard, Craft Paint, Bed Sheets, And Floor Wax. That Is All It Took To Made This Awesomeness

Image source: nesheelahs

#11 This Lovely Art Made By A Chinese Refugee Liv Bao Jin In 1993. And He Sold It To Pay His Bills. Legally Of Course

Image source:

#12 This ‘Hand Made House’ Of Match Sticks And Pebbles Was Made By A Prisoner In Angola Prison

Image source: Itsme_dandelion

#13 “Battery Dumbbells, Well Balanced And Prison Made.”

Image source: Gvazeky

#14 These Picture Frames Were Given To A Nurse While She Was Working In Jail And They Are Made Out Of Chip Bags

Image source: di*kdownchickens

#15 Jolly Ranchers Rose Made By Prisoners For Their Loved Ones. Sweet!

Image source: VlClOUSLY

#16  A Trained Cockroach? Have To Say, That Is Some Do-Little Level Smuggling

Image source: Gvazeky

#17 Flip Flop Vault. Illegal But Creative Right

Image source: KarmaPharmacy

#18 A Prison Made Flashlight

Image source: Gvazeky

#19 This Amazing Creation Was Carved By A Death Row Inmate. Using Only A Spoon

Image source: gbrook00

#20 Japanese War Prisoner Had Made This Handmade Mah-Jong Set, WW2

Image source: