Imagine an instance where you needed to get a perfect picture of the sunrise or a shooting star. How long will you wait for them? Actually, our lives are really cheerful with wonderful scenarios that only need perfect timing and just a camera.

There are incredible master-minded photographers behind the pictures that we’re about to present you today. These 20 masterpieces were created as a result of the blend of patience and correct timing.

#1 The skill of timing.

© FizzyFuzzball1 / reddit

#2 Aircraft trajectory.

© tttks / twitter

#3 The moon in the middle of skyscrapers.

© 31_riiiii / twitter

#4 Try not to forget looking down.

© 723nam / twitter

#5 “My phone vibrated at the exact moment I took the picture.”

© posierahraaa / reddit

#6 Workout experience.

© nanase01 / twitter

#7 Now, we already know the one to wake up first.

© Kobogie / reddit

#8 A penguin’s attempt to fly.

© TrueLordChanka / reddit

#9 The shark in the bird’s claws eats another fish in this pic.

© wildd666 / reddit

#10 Camera shutter rolled at the same time as the lightning stroke.

© Wildfire2044 / reddit

#11 An upcoming star among the cats.

© 0814Gull / twitter

#12 The bird was indeed essential to fix the hairstyle.

© teereximus / reddit

#13 When you become a favourite of animals.

© marnix14 / reddit

#14 “Me feeding the squirrel friend with some bread.”

© bbacks26 / reddit

#15 “My friend took a photo of me swinging my shirt around and it looks like I tamed a bird to perch on my hand.”

© GallowBoob 1/ reddit

#16 What a shameless attack?

© justintolerable / reddit

#17 “The latest unique hairstyle of my mom.”

© Jbarney15 / reddit

#18 “I have to go because humans need me!”

© Raumschiff / reddit

#19 Finally, checkmate.

© thumb_tani / twitter

#20 The giant whales’ surface that was seen close to a small boat.

© reddit/ BurungHantu