Even though we were not aware of what’s happening around the world, a group of experts have gathered at the end of 2019, to plan out on how to respond to a big pandemic disaster in near future. Although it’s hard to believe, they expected some sort of a disaster which is similar to the ‘novel zoonotic coronavirus’ which we’re experiencing now.

They named this event as Event 201. They expected the disaster to be a pandemic which is unknown to the world. They worked against a fictional virus. Finally, the fictional virus has been converted into real and the similarities between the fictional coronavirus and the one coming out of Wuhan, China are absolutely shocking. Within three and a half hours, the experts were unable to prevent their simulated version until it killed a large number of people – 65 million.

The fictional virus was also transmitted from bats to pigs to people. Gradually it was transmitted from person to person as those who caught the virus were diagnosed. The experts couldn’t find a vaccine in the first year. But, they were able to come up with an antiviral drug which would help the sick. However, there was 0% possibility to prevent the spread of the disease. Don’t worry as it was just a fiction and don’t think that it will be the same in our real life if the new coronavirus progresses further.

65 million people were dead within 18-months due to the fictional pandemic. However, the pandemic has lowered down the death toll by the time. The event makes us aware to be more preventive. Therefore, we too must try our best to prevent the infection. However, Event 201 stands as a learning experience for us. But, unfortunately, the event didn’t come at a better time.

At the end of the event, the experts who participated in this listed out seven actions that could be taken to prepare for a similar situation like those that occurred in Event 201 which is comparatively similar to what we’re facing right now. We aren’t certain whether the officials would take the necessary advice of the experts who were involved in the event. But, it’s an international need at the moment.

The death toll is unpredictable with the situation which we’re undergoing now. We’re only able to say things reflecting on the final results of the Event 201. Simulated pandemic has made clear that terrible things which lead the Earth in tragedy would happen if this virus gets out of control.

Checkout the videos we’ve presented below to get to know about the highlights and some updates on the real coronavirus. Do you expect the death toll to reach such big numbers?

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Sources of the information: http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/scenario.html