When it comes to great photography it’s always a matter of dedication. You need to learn photography in the hard way and keep practicing without shortcuts. But what make the photo is one of a kind is that the outside the box thinking of the photographer. Also you need a little bit luck to be in the right place at the right time too.

But you know, you can’t see through the perfect camouflage of a sleeping owl couple in a tree hole with just luck. It requires proficiency. Also you can’t take a photo of a bird carrying bird despite how professional you are. It requires luck too. There are more than 20 amazing photos like that below which combined luck with the talent of the photographer to take the perfect shot.

01. This Scene Is So Relaxing

© Anduin_Rexhearth / Reddit

02. The Perfect Camouflage

© amy2kim22 / Reddit

03. Do These Guys Know Something?

© goodgreat123 / Reddit , © APagz / Reddit

04. Oh! The Chosen One

© Visardist 2 / Reddit

05. You Know That Ancient Saying “Feed Your Subjects”

06. It Had Started Raining Halfway To This Panoramic Photo

© TheZadok42 / Reddit

07. Are They Hugging? I Hope They Are Hugging Rather Than Fighting

© mocosoft / Imgur

08. Well, It’s A Party. I Meant For The Shark Of Course

09. Don’t Get Confused. There Are Two Planes In This Photo

© unknown author / Imgur

10. Looks Like The Lemur Found His “Inner Peace”

© starbeak / vk.com

11. It’s Double Rainbow And They’re Starting From A Truck That Also Has Rainbow Colors On It

© DustyOldFarts / Reddit

12. These Puppies Truly Reminded Me Of A Piano

© oafcmetty / Reddit

13. Look That! She Got Tired Of Surfing And Sitting On The Wave For A Little

© U / bforbyron99 / Reddit

14. Is It Me Or Does This Photo Has Really Horror Movie Vibe?!

© vakula1905 / Pikabu

15. This Beer Bubbles Are So Satisfying

© avellent06 / Reddit

16. When You Realize Taxi Business Is More Profitable Than Eating The Customer

© U / 5 Minute Kitchen / Reddit

17. He Looks Like Pack Of Crayons Got Melted On Him

© julieeea / Reddit

18. This Skyscraper In Boston, USA; You’re Looking At The Reflection Of The Sunset On It

© laricaine / Reddit

19. All Of These Patterns Are Shadows Casting From The Structure Above

© dittidot / Reddit

20. This Looks Angelic

© ashsaupp / Reddit

21. This Building Looks Like A Standing Cardboard

© andreasammysosa / Reddit

22. Good Thing That The Photographer Is Far From The Subject Right!

© steven_sandner / Reddit