Oh no, Don’t get cheated! These animals are not real zombies at all. Most of the animals in our animal kingdom, even the fiercest carnivores, can’t bear up the sweet taste of the calories of a sweet berry. These bits of strawberries and raspberries in these images presented here are safe for most of these scary monsters to chew and taste.

Be attentive of the berries and the other fruits in your garden if you find some funny animals acting in strange ways during autumn or early winter. Certainly, they are DRUNK! The alcohol formed in berries and fruits are due to the fermentation of the first frosts. Therefore the animals who consume these will act as if they were slightly drunk.

By the way we found these images of the animals who were eating different types of berries quite scary. Red berries along with their sharp teeth makes these animals seem as if they were sipping or drinking blood. So, move on and let us know which one of these are your favourite? Have you any photo of your pet eating berries like this left with you?

#1 Rabbit Chewing Cherry


#2 Tortoise Having A Strawberry

#3 Snail Try To Swallow A Strawberry

#4 A Rabbit Which Is Fond Of Eating Raspberries

Harries Universe

#5 Turtle Trying To Eat A Strawberry

Miss March

#6 Tortoise Enjoying A Strawberry


#7 Rabbit Chewing A Strawberry

#8 How Is The New Look With Strawberry Lipstick?

#9 Cat Having Strawberry

#10 Amazing Dragon With A Beard After Eating A Raspberry


#11 Hamster Loves Eating Strawberry

#12 Prairie Dog Enjoys Chomping Strawberry



#14 Rabbit Drinking Raspberry Blood

#15 OMG! There’s No Mercy Left!

#16 Guinea Pig Posing After Eating A Strawberry

#17 Watch At These Devils!

#18 Tortoise Try To Chew Strawberry

#19 Frenchie Enjoys Eating Strawberries

#20 Sugar Picking Some Strawberries To Eat. She Was Eager Of Fruits.

#21 The Guinea Pig, Paco Having Its Berries

#22 How Can Such A Small Dragon Mess Around Like This With Raspberries