The entire amount of the confirmed COVID 19 cases are increasing day by day. By now, the confirmed cases are about 218,824. Doctors are the main sufferers who are in critical conditions. The hospital staff are facing shortage of time, supplies, equipment and the trained staff.

It’s obvious that we’ll lose the whole battle due to the absence of medical practitioners. It’s really hurting to see these medical staff crying and suffering due to the ignorance of the people. Many foolish people find staying at home as a very difficult job. Therefore the doctors and the other staff members are begging the rest of the folk to stay home without disturbing their work.

Just think about the feeling you get when you stay at home rolled in your blanket the whole day, eating chocolate chip cookies while watching your favourite TV series in order to protect the lives of others. How interesting is it?

Medical Staff Nationwide Are Begging People To Remain Home

Gee Teak Sheng

Leanna Wen, an emergency physician said ‘we are presently facing the biggest public health crisis of our lifetimes. But we are not helpless against the virus: there are things we can actually do.’  She emphasized to stay at home if you can.

Leana Wen too is a participant of the campaign Stay Home: Rest of the people who are not infected have a responsibility to stay home and save the lives of others. Therefore the medical staff is able to treat the patients as well as to minimize the spread of the disease. Simply, remaining home means giving aid to save lives.


Maintaining social distance is the one and only way to minimize the spread of the virus. This makes us aware that we have our own responsibility. ‘If we don’t change our behaviour now, the disease will spread quickly and our healthcare will be overcome. Leana Wen warns that, as a result, ‘it will cause a lot of harm and more deaths.’

This nurse in image explained the value of staying home not just to save your lives but to contribute for some more things.


Overworked medical heroes show the marks on their faces due to the COVID-19 battle.