It may come as no surprise to dog lovers, but new research shows that man’s best friend frequently acts more human than canine.

According to research, dogs can read facial expressions, communicate jealously, exhibit empathy, and even watch television. According to scientists, they acquired these human-like characteristics throughout their transition from wolves to tamed pets which took place between 11,000 and 16,000 years ago.

Dogs are man’s closest friends, but we also like torturing them and watching their puzzled looks. There are several challenges and trends on the internet that owners undertake with their dogs, such as creating unusual noises to them or feeding them food they aren’t used to and then watching their reactions. We go out of our way to make them as comfortable as possible. They are constantly there for us and help us feel better about ourselves. Despite their friendliness, we occasionally perplex them.

Although they are occasionally incorrect their reactions are quite amusing depending on the scenario. There have been some difficulties including the presence of dogs. For example, making strange noises or feeding them food they aren’t used to. Or the newest one in TikTok when you shout their name despite being standing next to you. There were so many of them but one, in particular, made us cry with laughter.

If you’ve never heard of the #dogwig challenge, you’re going to have a great day once you do. And that is precisely what the name implies. Just a few dog owners putting wigs on their pets. It probably doesn’t seem like much fun but wait until you see the pictures below. We are confident that these photos will brighten your day and raise your spirits.

As a result, scroll down to see them all and vote for your best image.

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