We defy you not to smile when you see these fluffy little balls of fluff and feathers.

If you’re having a bad day or just need some cheering up, spending a few minutes squealing at these adorable baby animals will instantly lift your spirits.

Animals are quite charming. They truly understand how to liven up our lives. We like cuddling, playing, and even conversing with them about our daily lives. It’s best if they’re as fluffy as possible. Even small creatures on the other hand can be so cute that you can’t help but smile. Some animals are so little that you can only put one finger through their holes.

If you’ve never seen anything like it we recommend checking out the ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’.

This subreddit has 80.3k users who are dedicated to helping the community achieve its objective by posting photos of the tiniest critters they’ve seen. Many animals change your mind about them once you see them dangling from your finger instead of threatening you with their massive bulk.

This collection of photographs we’ve put up for you is so wholesome that you shouldn’t pass it up. Check it out below and let us know which of these adorable baby animals you like best.

1) Welcome To The World Kiddo!

Image source: indicator_species

2) Baaaabies!

Image source: debbiesunfish

3) Small And Clingy!

Image source: sparkydog

4) Baby Dinosaur In The Road.

Image source: Reddit

5) Does This Count?

Image source: deathcuck

6) There Are A Lot Of Small Animals On A Lot Of Fingers.

Image source: grettaaa

7) Pinky Finger.

Image source: Geiger

8) Discovered The Smallest Starfish Out In The Tide Pools.

Image source: KathernGulick

9) Infant Spiny-Tailed Gecko.

Image source: grettaaa

10) Those Small Legs.

Image source: a.sewoon

11) A Small Bat.

Image source: Aceandstuff

12) My Girlfriend Knows Just Where To Seek Salamanders In Her Neighborhood.

Image source: cable1oo

13) Say Hi To Bugmeat.

Image source: bitchinbaja

14) They Protect, They Attack, But Most Importantly, They Are Adorable.

Image source: 1lonelynoodle

15) Little Chameleon Babies.

Image source: Minh Triều Anh

16) Hummingbird Chicks.

Image source: Alloth

17) One Little Dragon.

Image source: Superpoivr

18) Baby Snapping Turtles Glance Just Like Tiny Dinosaurs.

Image source: Brick_in_the_dbol

19) Caterpillar Posing.

Image source: throatfrog

20) The Smallest Of Geckos.

Image source: unknown

21) This Sub Seemed Great! Is He Visible To You?

Image source: 0HankVenture0

22) Vietnamese Mossy Frog.

Image source: Boris740

23) Baby Button Quails, Also Known As A Handful Of Joy.

Image source: chrisrobles

24) Once Upon A Time Even The Kraken Was Adorable.

Image source: 9999monkeys

25) My Friend’s New Baby Turtle.

Image source: morgiibee