The Maine Coon is the biggest type of domestic feline. However, they are likewise portrayed as delicate giants as a result of their sweet and friendly character. They can likewise adjust well to chilly climate because of their large paws and long, thick fur garment. 

They were named after the US state Maine, where this feline breed originates from, and the “Coon” part originates from Raccoon since their fleecy tail looks like the tail of a raccoon.

These extra-large felines can grow up to 40-48 inches (1 m to 1,2 m) long and weigh up to 17 lbs (8 kg).

In addition to the fact that they have delicate and rich hide, yet their position and stance is excellent and superb. Everything about Maine Coon feline breed is grand. Which is the reason we adore them! In any case, here’s something that will make you experience passionate feelings for them more, these photographs of child Maine Coon felines. They’re simply little cats, however, in the event that you believe they’re going to remain small for their entire life, you’re certainly incorrect about it.

[h/t: BoredPanda]