We adore our dogs, but they can be very devious and bad at times. If you have a dog you’ve probably seen that dogs make some terrible life decisions now and again. They never fail to amaze whether it’s attempting to fit through the bottom of the fence or laying down on a rainbow chalk painting. Fortunately, these pups’ loving guardians are frequently in the right location at the right moment and manage to record their pups’ funny gaffes.

Dogs are a wacky bunch. Everyone knows that they are about as elegant as a hippo on ice when compared to cats. However, despite being clumsy fools at times, they are cute!

We’ve gathered a list of dogs who have done some very ridiculous things and they’re all funny. We know they aren’t trying to be terrible and there isn’t a trace of malice in them, which is why we can’t bear being furious at them! Check them out for yourself below, and let us know which ones are your favorites.

#1 A New Dog Has Arrived In The Neighborhood. He Seems To Be A Big Fan Of My Pug.

Image source: smease

#2 She Took A Nap In The Incorrect Location.

Image source: youtbuddcody

#3 This Is A Choice I Immediately Regret.

Image source: GleamTheCube

#4 I’ve Made A Serious Error.

Image source: TheDonCuffy

#5 A Shiba Inu Is Trapped In The Bush.

Image source: yamamochi223

#6 Picked Up The Dog From The Kennel And Discovered Her In This State.

Image source: nurse_a-hus

#7 Look, There’s A Quarter!

Image source: gloweblue

#8 I’ve Done A Serious Error.

Image source: theseareafewofmyfavoritethings

#9 They Said To Choose A Border Collie Since They Are One Of The Smartest Breeds.

Image source: Silentwes

#10 This Caused A Great Deal Of Stress With My Dog.

Image source: SaintFrost

#11 I’d Like To Tell You The Precise Moment My Dog Realized He’d Had Enough Of Playing Frisbee Catch.

Image source: ozone_one

#12 Maxie In A Hammock.

Image source: alt-jh

#13 I’ve Committed A Serious Error.

Image source: totallynotabear

#14 A Bee Ate By My Friend’s Dog.

Image source: skyline_kid

#15 I’ve Committed A Serious Error.

Image source: shintje

#16 I’ve Made A Big Blunder.

Image source: mynameisjacky

#17 They Said Come To The Park And We’ll Play A Friendly Game Of Fetch.

Image source: tharealbiggiesmall

#18 My Dog Has Become Entrapped In The Sofa Cover.

Image source: imgur.com

#19 My Dog Got Herself Tangled Up In The Sleeve Of My Sweater.

Image source: shanel3rannan

#20 I Believe This Poor Man Needs Support.

Image source: EyePhone14

#21 This Is How My Dog Says Goodbye.

Image source: chuck1597535

#22 Early On, The Derpiness Begins.

Image source: imgur.com

#23 Hello, My Name Is Fred. I Love The Frisbee.

Image source: imgur.com

#24 I’ve Made A Serious Error.

Image source: SoIgotthatgoinformewhichisnice

#25 I Turned Around After Hearing Her Moaning And Found This. She Was Trapped.

Image source: woofle07

#26 I’m Just Going To Sit Here And Wait For Them To Stop Laughing And Assist Me.

Image source: imgur.com

#27 This Is A Decision That The Golden Retriever Regrets.

Image source: GallowBoob

#28 I’ve Made A Big Blunder.

Image source: mamadinosau