A good architecture is art, literature and with time it becomes culture. Those things, those architecture, inspire people to do things. Things that are unique. Mostly artistic. Even though you didn’t do anything right away, it inspires your thinking pattern. There is a reason you recognize some architectural structures right away when you see them. We all know we don’t remember all architectural designs like that. Only the good ones.

In this case, those buildings have inspired the ink of these tattoo artists. Architecture tattoo designs are becoming popular day by day. It is safe to assume that these amazing tattoo works has very positive impact on that popularity. Some of these are very neat line arts that highlights specific architectural material while some of these are so realistic that look like the artist poured the building onto the skin.

There so many options when it comes to architectural tattoo designs. It can be from somewhere you lived or somewhere you visited, maybe with someone special, or it can be some piece of structure that you always admired, or something completely out of a fantasy. Like we said before, so many options.

Photo: Angela Ngo
Photo: Ezequiel I. Conde
Photo: jeffchewtattoo
Photo: The Urbanist
Photo: jonboytattoo
Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi
Photo: nikos_dadc
Photo: skunxtattoo
Photo: carmen_xu86
Photo: skeleton_jelly
Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi
Photo: ttoo.ttoo
Photo: the_red_beauty
Photo: vitalitreetattoo
Photo: inkape70
Photo: black_.sea
Photo: gianluca_ferraro_tattoo
Photo: black_leaf_ink
Photo: joeycassina
Photo: dibacaldar
Photo: shalladoretattoo


Photo: the_art_of_dekay
Photo: josbetancur


Photo: anthonygtattoos
Photo: risingdragontattoos
Photo: lamoglietatuata


Photo: tattoo_zamix
Photo: inksane_tattoo
Photo: geometrix108

When we look at those popular choices, looks like there are some trend towards Gothic architecture aren’t there? Think you should get one? Or do you think it’s too weird and buildings should be where they belong? Tell us about your ideas on architectural tattoos, down in the comment sections. And don’t forget to share inspiring ideas with your friends and family. Happy browsing!