You’ve been living a lie.

None of us like to get corrected by anyone else. Though the person who corrects the mistake means well, we feel bad as if we’re being belittled. But, the truth is we have to admit our mistakes. Among the people who feel bad to get corrected there is another group of people who are in a great desire to correct themselves.

All of us have experienced and met these types of people. Anyhow, the things that we thought for years are finally brought to enlightenment. There are some words that do not mean the same thing that we’ve heard and used.

Perhaps, someone looked at you in a strange mood while you were talking about something with your friends. Or else, maybe you’re on the first date and they correct you on the spot. Near-synonyms, false equivalencies and mistaken things come back to bite us most of the time.

It’s true that the assumptions go correct sometime, but not all the time. Words are tricky but it’s very important to know the intricate differences between little things.

Let’s go, find them!


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Hope you have already cleared your doubts and mistakes about these small things through the article. Please comment and share, if you think this is valuable for others.