As blistering heat waves wreak havoc over much of the United States and Europe, individuals are coming up with creative and enjoyable methods to cool down.

If you’ve been outside recently, you’ve probably noticed that it’s almost uncomfortably hot this summer. Extreme temperatures have been reported throughout the world not just in your location. Naturally, this caused people to go to whatever length to maintain their cool even if it meant turning to some very extreme measures.

Today, we’ve put together a gallery of photos depicting how people are dealing with the recent heat waves and it appears that there’s nothing some of them wouldn’t do to get out of the sweltering heat, even if it’s only for a minute. In the gallery below, see how people throughout the world are dealing with the heat, and let’s hope the temps drop soon!

#1 While Walking Through A Little Town In Virginia, I Came Across This – It’s Comforting To Know That Someone Is Watching Over All The Dogs During This Summer Heat.

Image source: beeems

#2 Because Turkey Is Hot, The Shopkeeper Let The Kittens Sleep In The Freezer.

#3 In Australia, We Deal With The Heat. An Ice Cold Can On A Warm Belly.

Image source: samanthahalpin

#4 It Was A Very Hot Day, So This Little Guy Decided To Lick My Drink’s Condensation.

Image source: WoodPeckker

#5 Thailand Is Scorching.

Image source: sheldonpooper

#6 It’s Just A Dry Heat.

Image source: Syrachacha

#7 In The Scorching Heat Of Arizona, A Man Does Not Want His Dog’s Paws To Burn, So He Drags Him Into A Cooler.

Image source: Suspicious-Guidance9

#8 During A Heat Wave In The Netherlands, A Farmer Takes A Couple Of His Pigs Swimming.

Image source: pommax

#9 In Egypt, A Security Guard Decided To Cover The Dog’s Paws To Protect Him From The Scorching Pavement.

Image source: miserablerick

#10 Technology’s Shadow On Nature.

Image source: DrBonerman

#11 In 100-Degree Heat, Giving Water To A Dehydrated Bunny.

Image source: DigitalOSH

#12 Due To The Extreme Heat (40C) My Neighborhood Convenience Store Allowed A Stray Dog To Come Inside To Cool Off.

Image source: ZororiTheFox

#13 It Finally Started To Rain After 40°C Heat.

Image source: mrObry

#14 Today In Australia, It’s A Little Sweltering.

Image source: 7shades

#15 In London Today, It’s Too Hot For The Fox.

Image source: sfindlay90

#16 I Forgot My Cassette Adapter In The Hot Sun In My Car. As A Result, The Year’s Hottest Mix Tape Has Been Released.

Image source: NIPLZ

#17 A Postal Worker Cooks A Steak On The Dashboard Of A Truck To Demonstrate “Inhumane” Working Conditions In Extreme Heat.

Image source: AZHouseGOP

#18 On A Hot Day, Moose Finds Water.

Image source: FleshlightModel

#19 Survive The Heat.

#20 Hot Days In Australia Have Put Our Wax Buddha To Sleep.

Image source: slowend

#21 You Know It’s Hot When.

Image source: Ruthless53

#22 It’s So Hot In Australia Right Now That I’m Wondering Why The Birds Aren’t Using Our Birdbath.

Image source: whitecollarzomb13

#23 Due To Belgium’s Heat Waves Hedgehogs Are Unable To Find Food And Hence Wander Into Gardens.

Image source: Nonunsenses

I read on the internet that I should put out cat food for them. For the past few days, Eddy the hedgehog has been visiting us every evening around 10 p.m.

#24 Hot

Image source: llagerlof

#25 The Extreme Heat In Britain Caused These Cans To Explode In The Vending Machine.

Image source: GrepekEbi

#26 Because It’s So Hot In California, This Gas Station Covers The Door Handles To Keep Away People From Burning Their Hands.

Image source: lunchboxx78

#27 You Need To Take A Break From Your Squirrel Activities When It’s So Hot Outside.

Image source: WemissPluto

#28 It’s A Scorcher In Colorado Today.

Image source: denverdrew

#29 I Saw This Guy In Paris Trying To Keep His Puppy Cool During The 40°C Heat Wave.

Image source: Almighty_Egg

#30 Today Was A Scorcher In Korea.

Image source: PandaInvasion2k17