Villains and Monsters, we’ve all grown up watching cartoons or movies with evil villains battling the protagonist.

We have also seen their sinister-looking mansions in the middle of woods or a sinister-looking skull-shaped volcano island. We’ve seen different types of evil lairs in cartoons, movies, and novels since we were kids.

But the fact that some people do live in such sinister-looking houses in real life is striking.

Fortunately for you, we’ll show you real-life evil lairs that people have constructed as their homes and some as their workplaces.

These images are courtesy of “Evil Buildings,” a Subreddit dedicated to the most ominous-looking structures on the planet. This Subreddit has almost 900,000 subscribers! There’s never a shortage of new content!

Let’s dive right in and explore these sinister villain lairs!

Leave a comment down below telling us what your favorite lair is from these images!

#1 This Is A Fire Station In Italy. Hail Hydrant!

Image source: Every_form

#2 100% Real Pic, Somewhere In Belgrade, Serbia

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#3 Maybe All These Evil Buildings Are Just Misunderstood

Image source: Ayo-Glam

#4 The Bridge That Loki Built

Image source: Every_form

#5 Evil With A Twist

Image source: malgoya

#6 When A Simple “Do Not Enter” Sign Just Won’t Do

Image source: malgoya

#7 I Found Sauron In Pittsburgh

Image source: savvyf*ck

#8 Boss, The Camouflage Shield Is At 66.6% And Failing!!!

Image source: Teillu

#9 Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Image source:

#10 Bottomless Pit

Image source: malgoya

#11 Evil Babies Crawling On A TV Tower In Prague

Image source: fonnyadtfikusz

#12 The Witch’s Den

Image source: Ayo-Glam

#13 Mars Attacks!

Image source: mattdeII96

#14 When Your Neighbor Is A Super Villain But Everyone’s Ok With It Because- “Look At His Manicured Lawn”

Image source: Ayo-Glam

#15 When Your Church Has Frickin’ Lasers

Image source: mattdeII96

#16 Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK

Image source: Targn Pleiades

#17 When Your Character Reaches The Edge Of The Map And Can Not Go Any Further

Image source: Every_form

#18 This Bank In Germany

Image source: Yaroze

#19 New Live Action Thomas Looks Intense

Image source: Every_form

#20 This Apartment Complex Looks Like A Sci-Fi Prison

Image source: malgoya

#21 Motel 6 – “We’ll Leave The Light On For You”

Image source: ijustrepostabunch

#22 When An Architect Walked In On His Wife Having Sex With A Pizza Delivery Man, He Sought Revenge On All Delivery People

Image source: Every_form

#23 Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Image source: Jackrit Singhanutta

#24 The Ultimate Game Of Hide And Seek

Image source: sizeable_interest

#25 The Many Faced God Of Luna Park

Image source: savvyf*ck

#26 Imagine Seeing This Place With No Prior Knowledge Of Christianity

Image source: Looks_pretty_cool

#27 Come Home Drunk; Good Luck Finding Your Apartment

Image source: Every_form

#28 Looks Like A Scene From Some Dystopian Movie

Image source: sizeable_interest

#29 Wtf I Just Wanted Some Gas

Image source: savvyf*ck

#30  Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland

Image source: Daniel Williams