Throughout the years humans have converted the natural green into concrete. But will the concrete last long when left alone? Nature dominates and starts blooming step by step correcting the mistakes of humans when they abandon a piece of concrete somewhere.

Scroll down and enjoy the 30 images that show how nature blooms gradually.

1. A deserted mall.

2. The car will disappear soon but the tree will never stop growing.

3. A demarcation passed through this area of ​​Beirut and none of the people walked through the place since 1980.

4. An abandoned boot, the home for a lot of living organisms including plants.

5. Nature puts effort to dominate the car left in the forest.

6. Lupines along the old railroad tracks in Texas.

7. A young ivy with an old house.

8. A land that was dug for trenches.

9. We have no idea why this tree grew on the third floor without growing on the ground.

10. A jungle that has already swallowed a hotel.

11. A tree swallowing a piano.

12. Once, the roof has been covered with moss but now with trees.

13. A castle in France was gifted to nature.

14. This house will never be inhabited by living beings.

15. A place in which thousands of people enjoyed watching car racing.

16. One of the parts of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

17. Lava on a highway in Hawaii.

18. A Bodhi tree around a Shiva temple.

19. A ship turned out to be a garden with time.

20. Once in those days, these were railroad tracks.

21. This tree grew in search of sunlight.

22. A 200 year old tombstone in Nottingham dominated by a tree.

23. This fig plant inside a canopy grows upside down.

24. See how the central staircase of the titanic looks before and after the accident.

25. Abandoned houses.

26. No one will get to know about this toy in future.

27. You will only hear the chirping sounds of birds.

28. The ivy hides everything.

29. This abandoned ship was found by the wildlife and converted into an isle of vegetation.

30. Will you believe me if I say that this is the old Putzar castle in Germany? What a huge tree has grown over its door!