What would you do when you find a huge tree which you can’t capture it all? You take 126 clicks!

Mother nature is always marvellous and in some situations it takes our breath away. This wonderful tree which is a gift of nature is one such breathtaking incident.

Trees communicate with each other in their unique language and style and they provide the most essential animal needs such as Oxygen to us.

We found a story on an elderly tree which required 126 total photos to complete shooting the whole tree. We thought it was an amazing fact which is worth sharing to you all.

It’s been named “The President” and it survives in Nevada’s Sequoia National Park.

This ancient tree is a great gift of mother nature. There are over 2 billion leaves in this massive tree and it’s over 247 feet in height.

The tree, the President, is very huge to get into one image, thus it required such a lot of clicks to capture the entire tree. However a tree scientist along with his fellows have successfully completed the mission by measuring and taking the shots inch by inch.

The President is the 2nd largest tree found in the world by the volume of the trunk. The most important fact about the tree is that it’s the one and only known living Sequoia in the world.

This tree was given the name after President Warren G. Harding in 1923.

The National Geographic wanted to capture the entire tree in a single image and they were able to set up a team to make a mosaic of the tree which was made of 126 images altogether.

The mosaic was made using a photo editor and it had really been a complex project for the scientists to complete the full length image.

However they overcame the challenge successfully, and they were able to put together the collection of the photos and at the end the entire tree could be seen and appreciated.

The National Geographic team had to use a number of pulleys and mounts to capture each single photo but finally the result of their hard work was important, amazing and wonderful.

The Redwood tree of California is the tallest tree in the world and the height of it is about 379 feet. It’s one of the heaviest trees too. The striking shot of the tree was displayed as a five page fold out in National Geographic.

If you’re more interested in this, watch the video below to see how the scientists collected the images.