By: Ransi Samarasinghe

Finding your romeo is not much easier than it looks like in a fairy tale or else in screen. Some people born with luck ,some others have to find their luck and most of us are looking for it. By the way in our life journey we meet different kind of people, good or bad they are meant to cross or paths. When we start having feelings for someone probably we know that it’s going to be another memorable story in our life, but we always have one question in our mind even though we get into a relationship with that person. Exactly Is this my soulmate? Sometimes you may gazing at your boyfriend and wondering if he really loves you.

These signs might prove that he is the one you deserve.

01. His attention is always with you

Does he put you first? Does he do little or noticeable things to show you that you are important to him? If it’s yes, you are really lucky to have a person like him as your partner. Real gentleman never makes you feel alone in the relationship. When you really need him, he will be there through thick and through thin. While whole the society is running behind money, even once in a month he makes some quality time with you such as spend the day out, dinner out, watch movies and much more romantic outings. Most of the time he calls you and care for you to make your day better, not to take advantages just to show his unconditional love. A woman is truly blessed to have a infinite love of a man as much as his attention. If he always puts your happiness, wealth and needs first, he is the real life romeo of you. Normally it’s not easy to find a person who wishes your happiness rather than his own, so that when you find that kind of a person your whole life could be changed. If he always tries to heal even a little wound in your hearts, he is the keeper, the care taker and romeo of you.

02. Lying is the hardest part to him

Every relationship based on trust, it means trust plays the major role of the relationship. Actually lies can break down the huge wall of trust with in few seconds, some people find it as the easiest way to get rid of any hard situation. Real men don’t lie to you even though he’s wrong, he accepts his flaws and mistakes to make a better version of him tomorrow. Does he do the same? If it’s yes, he is the one for you. If he really cares for you he never makes excuses instead of finding a way. He thinks it’s better to tell the truth rather than telling lies and keeping secrets, he has that best quality of a man; the main thing is not only that but also it basically proves his eternal love for you. No lies, No secrets and No games. if he really opens up to you like that, no doubt he is the real life romeo of you. It’s not possible to lie someone who is going to sleep next to you rest of the life, so that lying becomes the hardest part to him because his wishes to grow old with you, to be next to you forever. His faithful actions may talk to you rather than his words, and that’s your romeo.

03. His body language talks to you

Does he look at you with soft, compassionate eyes? does he kiss you with a caress? Normally when a man is in love, you can see it in his eyes, but it’s only you who can look into his eyes and read what’s in it. People can fake a smile or words may lie but it’s not possible to fake your whole attitude. While making love his heart beat gradually increases, you feels his love and care through all over his actions. That’s a sign of his deep love, he never embarrasses you or makes you uncomfortable with him. Juliet, it’s your real life romeo, trust me! he’s worth it. Your romeo doesn’t let others to threaten you, he secretly protects you from demons in this society. If someone tries to mess up with you, he just gives one creepiest  look. His hands always protects you, his eyes always in you and he is your romeo.

04. Makes you proud to be his Juliet

He mentions that he’s not working for himself, he’s working for both of you, and he proves it. He is not selfish as the entire human beings are because his whole world is you and his destination is you. He introduces you as his queen to be to the society without any hesitation, at the same time he makes you proud to be his girlfriend. He gives you gifts that everybody loves to have, so that society gets to how lucky you are. Simply he shows you are the luckiest girl in this world. He proves the society that there is a woman behind every successful man to show your real value to the world. he brings you up as well as creates a better future for both of you, he must be your soulmate, doesn’t he? Appreciate what he does for you, because he does it just to make you proud and happy. He is you romeo and it’s your real life fairy tale. Make it as “They live happily forever”