It is proven again and again that no matter how hard man tries to create something out of nature, nature always reaches a method to take it back to her. And sometimes all that’s remained is to take a step back and appreciate this unstoppable force at work.

Even though witnessing the process of how nature slowly creeps over man-made things can make you doubtful of how temporary everything around us is, it’s a delicate scene nevertheless. From traffic signs to entire cities – See how nature slowly creeps in to possess what’s hers. Have a glance at the images shown in the gallery below!

#1 Fantastic Left Out 13th Century Château Situated In France

Image source: digitalanthill

#2 A Left Out Church In France

Image source: Quentin Chabrot

#3 Someone Fixed Googly Eyes To This Tree Eating A Bridge

Image source: pendingperil

#4 Left out House, Norway Style

Image source: iam4real

#5 Deserted Apartment Building Being Claimed By The Sea In The Former Fishing Village Of Kirovsky, Russia

#6 Statue Of Lord Buddha Being Regained By Mangrove Forest

Image source: Fire_Bucket

#7 The Desert Regaining Habitat In Namibia. Now A Ghost Town, Kolmanskop Was Once A Haven Where Miners Lived

Image source: meminaltan

#8 Trees Grown On Top Of Left Out Chimneys

Image source: lorrenzo

#9 I Saw A Tree Swallowing A Stop Sign

Image source: gravityisweak

#10 Scola Tower, Liguria, Italy

Image source: PlusFeeds

#11 Unused Bike For A Long Time Reclaimed By Ivy

Image source: martez89

#12 Mother Nature Wants Someone to Come, In China

Image source: youknowcyc

#13 Trees Sprouted Inside The Hull Of A Sunken Ship

Image source: sheenhai

#14 Deserted Asylum In Italy That Has Been Flourished By Bob Ross

Image source: urbex_sno

#15 Abandoned Escalator Grows Green

Image source: espinas3

#16 Abandoned Japanese Shrine

Image source: 98naykkan

#17 This Tree Grew Over A Gravestone And Ate Up The Cross

Image source: Arco_Sonata

#18 Earth Slowly Reacquiring An Abandoned Boat – SS City Of Adelaide, Wrecked Off The Coast Of Magnetic Island, Australia

#19 A Barn Dominated By Kudzu In Tennessee

#20 Green Grown Roller Coaster

Image source: RoyalKoala23

#21 Neglected Railway Bridge In Czech Republic

Image source: JanSuchy

#22 Mushrooms Blooming Through The Floor!

Image source: Seandonjuan

#23 A Tree Found Growing Majestically In An Old Silo

Image source: Ziell0s

#24 This Building Was Totally Dominated By Ivy

Image source: Autogegner

#25 Left Out Stone Cottage of Sneem/Kenmare, Ireland

Image source: ethan_kahn

#26 Just Few Moss, It Will Come Out

Image source: BreakingDed

#27 Missing Road In WA

Image source: Mightnotapply

#28 I Got Matured Up On The Puerto Rico Navy Base Which Closed In 2004. It’s Now Blushed In Green And Taken Over By Nature

Image source: jenpriester

My childhood picture of the road I grew up on- this is the part after the hill behind me. I’m worried about it. I had a lot of childhood memories there.

#29 OMG! A Tree Growing Around A Sign Board

Image source: Swingguitars

#30 This Tree Has Almost Completely Eaten A Large Metal Sign Posted On It

Image source: NibblesTheChimp

#31 Left Out Car In Beijing

Image source: Proteon

#32 This Street Sign Has Been Accompanied By This Tree

Image source: Althunter_man86

#33 Kingdom Of Moss Growing Inside A Bike Seat

Image source: teton_blamer

#34 A Tree Swallowing A Fence

Image source: pwatapwet

#35 Deserted City Akarmara, Abkhazia

Image source: hashamean

#36 A Holy Tree Getting Back An Occupied 5 Story Building In An Old Section Of Downtown Kolkata

Image source: JohnBrownsHolyGhost

#37 A Road Which Experienced Flood, WA State

Image source: resonanteye

#38 This Tree Near My School Track That Ate The Whole Fence And The Pattern Is Displayed On The Bark

Image source: Epicminecrafter69

#39 Nature Achieves Victory From The Battle Against Civilization In The Exclusion Zone Around Chernobyl

Image source:

#40 Cactus Plant Grown In A Rain Gutter

Image source: scottdottcom

#41 This Tree Has Nearly Eaten The Full Sign Board

Image source: SomeonesDrunkNephew

#42 Left Out Office Furnished With Lots Of Moss And Mold

Image source: rumhipstern

#43 An Unused Road Slowly Healing Over And Being Retaken By Nature

Image source: mapmyhike

#44 A Shoe Found In The Woods

Image source: VomitCoffin666

#45 How Much Surprising Is It To See Plants Growing Out Of Someone’s Car!

Image source: el_capitan524