By: Ransi Samarasinghe

“You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I don’t know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side just as I have treasures our life together.” – The Notebook-

1. Ready to accept your weirdness

All we know that there’s a child inside each one of us, so that we have to become more comfortable with someone to be own self. Your best friend knows who you really are, in case of that you never hesitate to show  reality, your weirdness, madness and other dramatic moods.  If your lover also becomes your best friend, it will probably provide you physical ease to be with your beloved as you prefer; because of that you don’t want to be shy to express your real feeling to your sweetheart. As your lover makes a better best friend, you are able to secure in your relationship, you don’t have to worry about the other person’s reactions towards your different behavior and attitudes, you realize that you are really lucky to spend the rest of your life with him/her, you feel the freedom to open your soul to your life partner. In the other hand definitely you never regret to chose him/her as your spouse.

2. Keeping your secrets

Secret means something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others, but you never count your best friend into that others, that’s the specialty of your best friend because you guaranty that your best friend is trust worthy than any other. You’d rather prefer be open with your best friend than stressing over something you can’t change. When your lover is your best friend, there’s nothing to stress about your privacy and any other problem because you know that he/she is keeping your secret better than you do, that’s because your valentine understands you very well; Understanding is the main thing should be in a relationship. Perfect relationship is not where two people are being too romantic all the time, it’s about loyalty, trust worthy, security and much more. So that you never be stressful and depressed as long as he/she be in your side. You two have your own secret life, secretive talks and much more. Isn’t it interesting? Not only that it’s the best advantage to have the same person as your life partner and best of best friend.

3. Knowing your preferences well

Normally a good lover knows your preferences, but your best friend knows about them very well.  When you be with someone for a long time, they become familiar with your likes and dislikes but here’s something really special, that’s your preferences (a greater liking for one alternative over another or others). Indeed this is another good advantage and it makes lost lasting relationship. When your valentine knows your preferences, they always gift you things that you find really interesting, amazing, wonderful and beautiful, so that you are happy for being his/her better half, actually proud of it. Even in sexual life when your partner knows what you pleasure the most, probably you never stop falling in love with your sweetheart again and again.

4. Making your day, everyday

Do you hear sometimes some people are talking about they are fed up of their love life? The reason behind it is very simple. Romance is most essential part in a relationship but as much as that you need to enjoy your best moments with your partner, that’s what makes your love stronger day by day.  Happiness, joy, pleasure and much more include in a better recipe of love story. The best friend never forget to enjoy, to laugh, to have silly fights, to talk about almost everything, to act crazy together. If you and your partner are best friends, exactly  you two do all of these things together. Then it will be really interesting to meet your sweetheart each and every day, surely it’ll never be boring meet up. As your lover is your best friend you never give up on your love, you refresh it everyday. The best thing is you get up with knowing that you are gonna have a better day with your love, he/she makes your day, everyday.

5. Talking to him/her feels like heaven

When we were small, we used to tell everything to our parents,but it has changed with time. After grownup, we find someone special to share our deepest emotions and sudden incidents with, it could be your best friend or else another close friend. So think, if your best friend and lover are the same person, you’d rather be more talkative than being boring, you two talk hours and hours without limiting the conversation because you feel like heaven to talk to your better half.  Also you could be more open and comfortable with your partner, you could find peace within your self, you could plan your future together, you could share your happiness, sadness and everything, you could dream high and be successful because you are really lucky to have the same person as your love and best friend, my dear you are blessed. You have a better relationship, oh! not better it’s PERFECT.