“Destiny guides us to that one beautiful place, suspending a moment in time. That place… where two souls fall in LOVE

1. You Have Time For Each Other

Even though you are much busy with your work, you give an attention to your partner. No matter how hard you work, you remember him/her most of the time. You never wanted him/her to feel alone. Whenever you get a free time you call or text to him/her. That’s because you think the best time of your day is when you be with him/her.

2. You Feel Each Other

It’s really wonderful when you realize that your partner feel the same way as you feel. Even scientifically proven that if a couple deeply, truly, madly in loves with each other their hearts beat in a same rhythm. Actually it happens even you live far away from your lover either. That’s the reason some of the long distance relationships last longest. When he/she feel sad you can understand that from the way they talk or react.

3. You Get Angry Over Little Things Easily

Without a little jealousy in a relationship it doesn’t feel like they care too much about each other. When you talk about an opposite sex one more and more he/she gets angry. You don’t want him/her to give much attention to another. This doesn’t mean that the person is tough or strict; this simply shows that he/she loves you a lot. When you are together you want him/her to give more attention to you, otherwise you feel sad but basically you react as you feel angry. It’s not anger; it’s love.

4. A Lover In Need Is A Lover Indeed

When you feel like everything’s going wrong you want him/her to be with you. It symbolize that how much your bond is strong. Sometimes you just want him/her to be there for you except consoling you by telling loads of the things. A simple hug from your partner means a lot when you feel worst. If  he/she could fix your mood at any moment, it shows that how much you feel him/her. A lover indeed never let you feel like the world on your shoulder cause he/she simply mentions that “we are just a one person”.

5. You Plan About Your Future Together

There is a phrase called ‘if a girl makes future plans with her boyfriend it’s normal but if a boy does the same it’s serious’. True! If  your man talks about both of your future it shows that he is deeply in love with you. In the other hand if she helps him to make a better future it symbolizes her deep love towards him. It’s your desire to be together forever. You create your own little world in this huge world. You couldn’t able to waste time for others because you are busy with your partner. You always want to see your dreams about each other will come true. It’s all because you deeply in love with him/her.


By: Ransi Samarasinghe