Despite the fact that we have explored nearly every inch of land on our planet as a race, there is still so much we don’t know about, particularly what is beneath us! This not only applies to subterranean objects but also underwater things. There is so much we don’t know about the water, therefore it’s no wonder that ruins are waiting to be uncovered beneath it!

There were civilizations thousands of years ago with their people, cultures, and habits. These ancient towns currently exist only as drowned cities. There are, however, numerous other ancient cities that have yet to be discovered. And I’m quite sure these locations aren’t your typical tourist traps.

However, if you visit any of these underwater cities you will certainly be struck by its strange attraction. Without further ado, here are the world’s top 7 most mysterious underwater cities.

1. Dwarka in India

Gareth Richards – Own work

Dwarka is the hometown of Lord Krishna, according to mythology. It was thought to be a legend or a fiction until the ruins were found 131 feet below sea level. The remains were discovered beneath the surface of Dwarka today. Even specialists have been puzzled by the city’s complexity and beauty. Many were claimed to be fashioned of valuable silver and gold. Now is nr. one tourist attractions.

2. Port Royal in Jamaica

Zoe Sheng

Port Royal, with its four forts and 2000 buildings was a center for pirate activity in the 17th century. Pirates such as Blackbeard would frequently use Port Royal as a base for raiding treasure ships. That is until an earthquake in 1692 carried it into the Caribbean Sea. This undersea city, dubbed “the wickedest city on earth,” has a fascinating and stormy history has grown to become the most important trading post in the New World in a short period.

3. Shicheng, China


This is China’s real-life Atlantis, a tangle of white temples, memorial arches, paved roads, and houses submerged 130 feet underwater. The so-called Lion City tucked between the Five Lion Mountain and a lake was once Shi Cheng, the political and economic capital of Zhejiang’s eastern region. Rich Chinese craftsmanship is so evident in its old buildings and other constructions.

4. Thonis or Heracleion in Greece

Christoph Gerigk/Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation

In the year 2000, famous archaeologist Franck Goddio uncovered the lost city of Thonis-Heracleion. Thonis-Heracleion was Egypt’s main port for foreign trade and tax collection. It was named after the Greek god Heracles and was known as Egypt’s gateway to the Mediterranean. It has become the topic or location of numerous legends over the years. According to one tale, Hercules was given the name Heracleion during his visit to the city.

5. Gulf of Cambay in India

This old city is about 4 meters below sea level. This mystery metropolis was discovered by accident in 2002 as a consequence of a study of the quantity of water pollution there. Scientists have uncovered the remains of an ancient city off the coast of India in the Gulf of Cambay, according to reporter Tom Housden. The city’s artifacts have been carbon-dated to roughly 9,500 years ago.

6. The Pyramid of Yonaguni in Japan


These underwater pyramids are riddled with intrigue. Experts disagree over whether these pyramids are man-made or natural phenomena. If you accept the former, these structures were built approximately 10,000 BC during the last ice period. These pyramids mirror those seen in Mexico and Central America, which is remarkable. This is where things become strange: no additional underwater buildings have been discovered in this area.

7. Port Royal in Jamaica

Akror Diver

International researchers have discovered the ruins of an ancient temple beneath Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest lake. Under the waters of the lake, located in the Andes highlands between Bolivia and Peru, an agricultural terrace, a long road, and an 800-meter (2,600-foot) long wall were also discovered. It’s also known as “the Birthplace of the Sun” according to tradition because the god Viracocha rose from this area to create the stars, the sun, and the first of mankind.