Starting back from half a century, religion occupies a very special place in our lives. Everyone in the past went to the church on Sundays as a habit and barely their souls grumbled about it. But now, the days have changed and more and more individuals are acting as Homer Simpson. They all wonder about having a better nap in spite of going to church.They prefer to remain toasty in their beds.

However, we found a place which will definitely grab the attention of all types of believers. That’s the Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church which is situated in New York. There are a lot of funny and sometimes profound signs boards hung everywhere in this particular church. These sign boards give help to make good comments about the world and the religion.

We have presented you a collection of images of those profound sign boards in the Wantagh Church below. Have a look at them and share these with your close associates if you think they need a chuckle or two. By the way have you ever seen such amusing church signs? What’s your view on the plus aspects of ‘faith’? Please don’t forget to leave a comment to share your opinions with us.

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