Photography allows us to travel without ever leaving the comfort of our own homes. Magdalena Bagrianow for example uses her natural curiosity to introduce viewers to new places throughout the world. She flew to India and photographed beautiful portrait shots of the people that live there. She is originally from Poland and now lives in the United Kingdom.

Suman is a Kalbelia caste girl

Bagrianow spent months at first visiting the land and getting to know the people in their natural habitat. Her photographs include bustling streets and wandering animals as backgrounds, but it’s evident that she focuses on the face—particularly the honesty in their eyes. As viewers, it allows us to have an instantaneous connection with Bagrianow’s subjects and this concept is central to her work. “It is by looking into the person’s eyes that we get the feeling of their character, their emotions,” Bagrianow says, “it allows us to connect with them and get a glimpse of who they really are.”

Bagrianow has made several trips to India. She visited Rajasthan and saw the Pushkar Fair a well-known animal market. This has provided her with a plethora of inspiration and has strengthened her bond with the country. Thousands of rural families from camel dealers to nomadic women and children attend the fair at this time.” I was fortunate,” she says, “to become friends with many of them over the years.”

More of Bagrianow’s art may be seen on her Instagram account.

Magdalena Bagrianow visited India and took stunning portrait photographs of the locals.

Hindu Holy man at Pushkar
Rajasthani girl

She concentrated her arresting pictures on those who live in rural places.

Rajasthani women
Maya is a young girl from the Bhopa caste
A lady during the Pushkar Fair
A woman from the Kabelia caste
Rajasthani herder at Pushkar Fair
A guy from the Kalbelia caste in Rajasthan
At the Pushkar Fair, a Rajasthani herder
Girl from Kalbelia tribe
Sagina is a Kalbelia caste girl
Young woman at a Pushkar
Rajasthani girl
A newborn boy from Rajasthan
Rajasthani young man
Rajasthani herder at Pushkar Fair
Camel herder at Pushkar fair
Girl at the Pushkar fair
Boy at the Pushkar fair
Rajasthani girl
Kalbelia girl
Little kid dressed up as Hindu god Lord Shiva. At a religious celebration in Pushkar