Bartolomeo Bove and his companion Juca Yagarape encountered a monster green anaconda, estimating 23 foot (7m) and weighing something around 198 lbs. (90 Kgs) The two companions were diving in the Formoso waterway in Brazil, in July when they got the chance to meet with this goliath reptile.

As you can see in the video, the huge snake is seen lying in the waterway bed. At the point it sees the camera, the reptile takes its eyes much closer to the camera, flicking its tongue, and afterwards, the snake swims away to escape from the camera. With the intention of filming the giant snake for much longer, Bove goes behind it.

What’s more, he got some astonishing film of the huge reptile. He says that his footage reveals that anacondas are frequently misjudged regarding being angry; he says that anacondas are not as angry as they are thought to be.

“The rivers and the bodies of water around the Bonito area are the only places in South America here anacondas can be found in crystal clear waters, and therefore diving with them is possible.” Stated Bove.

“As shown in the footage, the anaconda swims calm and peaceful completely indifferent to our presence. Sometimes she comes closer, curious about my camera, licking the lens.”

“The behavior of the anaconda debunks the myth that it is an aggressive and violent creature that can endanger people’s lives,” Bove included.

The green anacondas are the greatest types of snake on the planet and can increase its length by growing up to 30ft long (9.1 meters) and weight 550 lbs (250 Kg) These stunning king snakes are entirely amazing as they are described as in famous movies.

They move truly quick, killing their prey by choking its breathing, wrapping their huge and bodes which are equally strong around the prey. They can swallow preys a lot bigger than themselves on account of their capacity to unhinge their jaws.

You can find the footage filmed by Bove below. Get ready to be amazed by this stunning giant snake. Scroll down and play the video. It will absolutely make you hope that you were born in Brazil.